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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: And Now For Someone Completly Different
Psyga3152012-03-09 18:10:44

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Part Extra: Once Upon A Rival

Hello everyone, Psyga315 here. Weíre going to do a little something extra. Now, the people who made BLJís Adventures have also made a short introducing a rival character.

Letís watch it, shall we?

So we start off with the introductory credits and then the title card arrives as some guy moves in. Oh wait, before I go on, thereís a character that joins the team in this one that I havenít explained. This is Rae the Lioness, who the Fantasy Adventure Team recruits during the events of BLJís Adventures of Dumbo. Anyways, they decide to greet the neighbour and apparently, he already set up a building called ďFantastic Lynx ProductionsĒ. Wait... what? Yeah, heís moving into a freaking movie studio! Iím not quite sure how living in a movie studio works.

Benny: Uh oh...

Leo: Uh oh is right, Benny. I think weíre going to have competition.

Oh, right, did I tell you that these guys were movie makers? Yeah, in their off time after filming movies, they go back in time and have adventures. Sorry, what? Iím... not so sure of this... So... do they go back in time, do these adventures, then make movies based off them ala Mortal Kombatís Johnny Cage? I guess so... Do people know that these moviemakers time travel as well? I donít know, itís just a little baffling to me. Imagine Steven Spielberg wrapping up a film and then calling M. Night Shyamalan up and going all like ďHey! Letís go back in time to kill some Commies!Ē Actually... that would be a kick ass thing. What Iím trying to get to is that theyíre movie makers and world savers? Weird... but alright. That sounds cool. Moving on, we are introduced to the rival: Heath Lynx. Heís pretty much a Ted Baxter. They laugh at the company name, Fantastic Lynx Productions. I was expecting a clever quip at their company name, Lionkingheart Fantasy Films (try saying that three times fast) but instead I get a Who Dares? speech only to stop midway so he could get their names. Alright, Iíll buy that joke. So they introduce themselves and when they introduce Rae, heís all over her and she rejects an offer for a date, saying that she would rather hang out with her friends than hang out with him. Uh, usually youíre supposed to bring up something worse that you would rather do than hang out with Heath. So is she trying to say her experience with the Fantasy Adventure Team is bad? Hm... Good foreshadowing?

So Heath offers up a challenge. Whoever makes the best movie wins and if Heath wins, Rae will move in with his house and they will make movies together. GAH! If the Lionkingheart Fantasy Film Crew wins, Heath will leave them alone. Thereís also some odd art work here, which is a first. I think Leo is grabbing Heath by the collar, but it looks more like heís socking him in the face. Leo has a small BSOD moment as he regrets accepting the challenge, while Rae and Johnny tell him that itís not his fault and that they can kick Heathís ass. Benny tells them that he has a film that will make Heathís jaw drop like a rock.

So a week passes as the confrontation between Kickboxing Acad Ė Wait, wrong liveblog. Anyways, a week passes and itís time to show off the movies. Xiro and Kairel comment on the chair Heath is on (they are also dubbed, much to my enjoyment) and Heath starts with his film with Dagnino saying that this is going to be good.

The film is called Attack of the Alien Vampires. Uh... Okay... Itís one of those classic B-Movies that would usually be sent by Dr. Forrester or Pearl for Mike/Joel and the bots to riff on. So it starts with an alien ship landing and these two guys finding this alien vampire woman. It then switches to a car driving on the road and some detective at the graveyard. Some vampire dude comes out of something and stalks the detective. The two vampires corner the detective. He tries to shoot but to no avail. They close in and presumably eat him. The end. And everyone boos. Okay, understandable. It was a little confusing and made little sense to me as well. So the people bash on the movie. I will give bonus points for the person dubbing Timon, because it sounds just like him. The only thing that tipped me off that it was a dub was Pumbaa soon after. And yes, those two are dubbed as well.

Panthy: That film... Totally... SEX!

Okay, she doesnít really say that, but it sounds close to that. Hell, half of these negative comments are actually pretty good. And then itís time for Bennyís secret weapon: the film that started it all! Oh boy! I wonder what it could be!

A sprite and furry re-enactment of the climax to A New Hope. Itís called the Aerofighter in the Battle of Yavin. It is a great effort to do this and itís pretty epic in of itself. If youíve seen the climax to A New Hope, then you will know what happens. Everyone cheers, Heathís jaw drops like a rock, and there is a lesson to be learned.

Heath: Always add special effects in films?

... Considering what movie was used to win that competition, considering how the fanbase seem to hate it for adding unnecessary special effects to their remakes, and considering how Benny brought that out of the vault and spruced it up George Lucas style, that became a pretty funny joke, intentional or not. Leo tells him that the true lesson is teamwork. I will admit, itís a pretty cool speech on True Companions. Heath, being the bad guy and all, refuses to take the Aesop and goes all Ted Baxter. The story ends with them leaving on Heath in the middle of his Ted Baxter rant, and them having the feeling that they will encounter Heath again. And they do.


And that is the bonus video for Benny, Leo And Johnnyís Adventures. I actually like it, as it feels a little Slice of Life-like. The entire series, while I do criticize it here and there, is very enjoyable to watch. Most of the characterizations, if not all, are well done and the story is crafted pretty well too. Some of the humour as well, even if I donít mostly laugh at some, I know theyíre meant to be funny and I acknowledge it. Well, Iím Psyga315, signing out.


Dec 24th 2011 at 8:19:40 PM
You know something. Although the Fantasy Adventure team does not mention this, as it turns out, Heath Lynx is actually a knockoff of Mortimer Mouse, most notably his voice in House Of Mouse.
Dec 24th 2011 at 8:22:50 PM
And that film Heath made? He didn't really make it. He just ripped off footage from Plan 9 from Outer Space, you know, the Ed Wood classic. But I probably don't think the guys should have booed it that much. Also, if you listen carefully, you can hear Axel's theme in the movie.
Dec 25th 2011 at 10:26:49 AM
Hm... That actually makes sense that he ripped it off of Plan 9. The Fantasy Adventure Team usually do reenactments of movies like Sleeping Lioness, so it's natural for the Evil Counterpart to just cut the middle man and downright rip off the movie instead of adding his own flavor to it.

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