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Live Blog Opinionated Guide to The Last Airbender
Korval2011-09-23 19:10:02

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Book one. Nice, Shyamalan, nice. How `bout you wait until your movie doesn't cost your studio twenty million dollars before you start getting ready for a sequel, you presumptuous ass.
Todd in the Shadows, The Last Airbender Review

So, Avatar: The Last Airbender was made into a movie; you might have heard of this. Because James Cameron made a little film around the same time also called Avatar (you might have heard of that), the filmmakers decided to drop the "Avatar" from the title of their movie. Thus, it's just called The Last Airbender.

It is pretty universally agreed upon that this is a terrible movie. Whether you watched the show or not, the general consensus is that this film is garbage. And now I'm going to watch it, because it makes a nice companion piece to my liveblog/review of the show.

I personally feel that it is unfair to judge any adaptation solely by what it is adapting. A movie must ultimately stand on its own, sink or swim based on its merits as a piece of cinema. At the same time, it is an adaptation; it is important to be able to look at what it is adapting, changing, modifying, or removing. It's important to look at how those changes affect the film.

In order to accomplish both, I am going to bifurcate myself into two people for the duration of the review. All of my knowledge of the series will be dumped into text of this color, while analysis of the film as a film will be in this text color.

Before we get started, some interesting info. This film was directed by one M. Night Shyamalan, who is most famous for once being a promising film director who has slowly descended into crap in his latest work. So again, like James Cameron (Zing!). I'm familiar with some of M. Night's work. By which, I mean I watched Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense. I don't seek out crappy movies, so I've avoided his more recent stuff due to bad press. So I don't know much about his descent into badness.

The story behind this movie's creation, at least as I heard it, was that one of M. Night's children was a fan of the show and eventually got him to make this. Which is proof enough why children should never be trusted with anything.

As in my last liveblog, this presents my opinion of this move. As before, you should find that most of these opinions do at least have some evidential support, even if you disagree with the conclusion. Granted, since pretty much everyone hates this movie, you're probably not going to find much praise in the following pages.


Sep 25th 2011 at 4:34:51 AM
Now, I didn't see this movie in the cinemas. My brother did. Then after it came out on DVD, he decided to rent it out and force me to watch through it in revenge for making him watch Dragonball Evolution (Coincidentally, I got horribly sick after that viewing. How fitting). By the end of the movie, I was a shattered wreck, only left with the desire to fuck the pain away.

This movie was worse than Dragonball Evolution. The thing was, DE was dead on arrival. Everyone knew the kind of ungodly bomb it would be. It was a horrible idea with horrible pre-release footage and images. We knew what we were getting, and it fulfilled that. It was a cliched, brainless piece of crap that had none of the good elements from the original series. But in many ways, it was So Bad Its Good in a few places.

The Last Airbender actually showed potential. When I saw the first trailer, learned that M.Night actually was a fan of the show, and Mike and Brian were helping out, I was optimistic. I thought that while it was a bit redundant, and could very easily go wrong, the people behind it made me feel like it had a chance, that it could be pulled off to become decent. I kept up that feeling until I saw that it had gotten an even lower rating on Rotten Tomatoes than Dragonball. My hopes for the movie sank, but it wasn't until I saw it for myself that I finally took in how horrifically bad this was. It is the worst movie I have ever watched.
Sep 25th 2011 at 9:50:35 AM
^ I would say that it's better done than Dragonball Evolution, but that may be why some people see it as worse. It had less excuse to be bad at all.