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Live Blog Let's Play Fate Of The World (Blind)
TibetanFox2011-06-18 17:49:29

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Courtesy Link to Trope Page for the game and stuff

This game interested me since I first saw it on Steam. The premise is fairly simple - you're the head of some sort of environmental NGO that actually has power to do stuff. So, given the unprecedented situation of being the first non-useless NGO in the history of ever, you use your incredible lobbying powers to try to alter the future of mankind in such a way as to avoid our species collectively committing suicide by shitting in our own nest too much.

I kinda figured the full price was a bit too much to pay for a game that would most likely annoy me due to being a vehicle for Anvilicious Clueless Green Aesop propaganda. I grew up as a kid watching stuff like Captain Planet and Fern Gully and thinking it was awesome so I learnt science in the hopes being able to use science to save the world and stuff. That's when I learnt that the science behind environmental issues is HARD. And I don't mean HARD in the "Oh noes, math" sense, because that I can handle. I mean hard in the sense that there's no easy options or easy decisions in terms of the question of "How do we lift the entire human race out of poverty, maintain technological development and avoid needless wars, death and suffering".

So, with a background like that, I was quite cynical. Then it went on sale for 50% off and I was like "Buying the shit out of that".

Soon after doing so, it occurred to me that I'm going to regard this game as Snark Bait at the best of times and the last time I LPed a game with that sort of attitude, it turned out hilarious. So here I am again, about to go forth and see just how deep the vein of snark I have discovered goes. I've heard this game is Nintendo Hard so expect several playthroughs where I screw up horribly.

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