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TotemicHero2011-02-03 12:02:20

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Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head (Part 1)

The video:

Basically, this is the classic "Boot to the Head" comedy sketch by The Frantics, only with characters from the Phoenix Wright series playing out the roles. It seems to be the most popular video of this comedy sketch on You Tube.

Well, let's take a look at the "other" version of this, shall we?

as the executor of mister moldings a stage i have been in power to beat mister modems

Wow, right off the bat we have an Amoral Attorney. Jeez, I wonder what Mister Modems did that deserved a beating? I guess hopefully we'll find out later.

last will intestine out and i have a battle exit

So the attorney plans to literally beat the guts out of Modems, and this other guy has an exit planned? And here I was thinking this was a comedy sketch, not a slasher film.

harassing me

Is this why this attorney wants to beat up Modems? Talk about Disproportionate Retribution.

cooperated with foreign can cannot

Apparently someone's having trouble deciding whether or not to work with foreign entities. No telling what they have to do with Modems getting beaten, but who knows.

if we are all seated and spell proceed with the reading parents

Whose parents? Why are there now spells involved? Wow, I'd thought I'd figured this one out, but I guess not. Maybe we're about to learn something...

aria garda during motu being of sound mind and body mathew

Ah, now we have two new named characters. Aria Garda, who apparently is of sound mind and body during Motu (which means she probably isn't at other times), and Mathew join the club. So, what kind of event is Motu?

do hereby divide up my considerable listed as follows

At least the attorney's getting back to lawyer-business and not beating people up.

to my overtly emotional sister jenny

Another named character, who is overtly emotional. She might want to tone it down though.

france talking about pass

Well, I guess France is one of the foreign entities that may or may not be trusted.

though probably say has been hanging

So France can't make up its mind either. Ah, international politics...

grout for everything they could get from me and then cried crocodile tears when i needed

Whoa, you really don't like France, do you? Oh well. Can we get back to Mister Modems now?


...Mister Modems? What happened to him?

to jenny ivy appealed to the head

Apparently appealing to the head doesn't work very well. Too bad for this Ivy. But what about Mister Modems?

danielle came and another boot to wear body has been paid

So now have Danielle. It's official, we're reaching Loads and Loads of Characters status.

you have both admired my rolls-royce and since i no longer needed

Perhaps they have, but are you sure you don't still need it?

by the police and other put to the head

Why does everyone take everything to the head? Haven't they figured out that doesn't work?

and one more for the rent

Okay, I guess you do have to set aside for the rent. But what about Mister Modems?

next in my alcoholic brother put marijuana in the vat

He did what? Wow, that's messed up. Just...messed up.

to dealer and still is never work that day in a struggle and had

Marijuana has that effect on people, I guess.

i believe my wine cellar and three crates of my finest whiskey

Between all the alcohol and marijuana, it's no wonder these people are so messed up.

ran and of the to the head kara

I guess Kara is the "head" that everyone's been talking about. Can she be the one to stop this madness? Find out in Part 2.


Feb 3rd 2011 at 12:47:51 PM
Oh my God. I am in stitches. This is so funny. Keep it up.
Aug 16th 2011 at 7:48:37 PM
Funny update. Aria Garda could be a character name in Ace Attorney.

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