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How we got here:

I remember hearing about TV Tropes on the radio (NPR's On the Media) and thought that it would be a lovely place to visit, if I ever got a computer.

Cue September 2010. A link from a certain other website reminds me that TV Tropes exists. The rest is history.

As time wears on, I realized that I've sometimes abused the power of TV Tropes. For example, when I was new, I was unknowingly a part of the problem with Nightmare Fuel. Now, I try to trope responsibly. I love to Drop the Hammer on Complaining and fan wankery.

Tropes that apply to me:

Stuff that TV Tropes turned me on to:

Stuff that I am into:

I don't really make to-do lists. I tend to try to clean up typos and red links.

Pages that I've launched:

Stuff I've voted on:

I've tried to create some new tropes in YKTTW, to no avail. I do sometimes give input on other items in YKTTW.