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Live Blog Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2! (Redux
Nimitz2010-12-12 13:23:20

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Log 1: Coming Out Swinging

I doubt anyone will find any of my reports on the Arulco uprising, but just to be safe, I will refrain from giving out my true name here. Very few know who I really am. However, I go by another name, one that my clients know me by: Nimitz. Yes, like the famed United States Navy Admiral from World War II. I am aware of this. I happen to respect the man greatly, in fact. This is unimportant, of course, so I'll just cut to the chase.

South America, a country called Arulco, formerly ruled by its beloved leader Enrico Chivaldori. In the summer of 2005, he was overthrown by his wife, Deidranna Reitman of Romania. Chivaldori was exiled, but Deidranna convinced the population that he was dead. The new queen of Arulco began a brutal campaign against the country's resistance movement. The rebels have been fighting for over ten years, but now, in 2015, they are on the verge of being wiped out, and NATO's got their hands full.

This is where I come in. A few weeks ago, Mr. Chivaldori met with me in Prague. He hired me to free his country for him. He couldn't rely on the Western Powers, so he came to me. Unlike the US or the EU, I don't have to wade through a ton of red tape to get results. I have connections, you see, one of which is to a PMC called A.I.M. Well, actually, it's more of a "merc guild", since it only has a handful of mercs at its disposal, but they are all elite warriors, in some way or another.

Unfortunately, this also means that they are expensive; too expensive for me right now, so I have turned to another PMC: I.M.P. Their mercs are cheaper, and they are less experienced. Still, they show great promise, and for this reason, I have hired a squad of six I.M.P. mercs.

  • Carlos "Bigger C" Biggs. He is a former US Marine and a veteran of the War in Afghanistan and Iraq. He left the USMC (honorable discharge) after growing tired of the conflict and America's unwillingness to focus on more critical threats in the world. He joined I.M.P. late last year. Carlos has been described by his cohorts and superiors as a "natural leader" and "rock solid under pressure." It is for this reason that I hired and assigned him as team leader.
  • Jane Quincy "Generica" Doe. Rather odd nickname, if I do say so myself...anyway, Jane apparently led a completely average life doing incredibly average things. A combination of this and her unfortunate name led to her being teased, and so she desperately felt a need to prove herself as being unusual. As soon as the chance to join IMP came up, she leapt at the chance. To this day mocking her name is a Berserk Button. Rumor goes that she punched a man's head clean off when he just wouldn't shut up about her name...right, I just want to point out that this document is complete bullshit, and that whoever wrote it deserves to be fired. I've got her real document right here. Jane was a member of an LAPD SWAT tactical element. She acted as sniper support during many raids. At some point, she heard about I.M.P. which set the stage for her resignation. Not only is Jane an excellent marksman, but she is also known for being quite charismatic. She is also a quick learner and has plenty of common sense. For this reason, she is Carlos' second in command.
  • Benjamin "Big Ben" Krounsch. A former Canadian Army Reserve Infantryman. Like Jane, he left after hearing of I.M.P., feeling that his skills could've been put to better use as a mercenary. Benjamin is a beast of a man, but judging by his old comrades' opinions of him, he is not quick to anger. In fact, some have described him as apathetic. Benjamin is all business, preferring to get the job done in the most efficient manner possible. He received medical training while he was still in the reserve forces. Obviously, I have assigned him as the team's medic.
  • Ciara "Cia" Malley. She's more experienced than the other mercs. In fact, she has the distinction of being the only woman to pass Irish Army Ranger selection. Very impressive, though I am a bit worried, as well. She seems to enjoy fighting...a little too much, but at least she isn't as, well, nuts as one of the mercs I hired in the past. Still, I have no idea how this woman managed to make it into the Rangers. (Perhaps her file was forged?) Well, either way, she is a well-rounded fighter with some medical knowledge...maybe. I'm not so sure anymore. Here's hoping she doesn't disappoint.
  • Elena "Ellie" Moreno. She is unique in that she is not former military or SWAT. Elena joined the local police to crack down the high crime rate in the area she lived in. After a few uneventful years, the local Mafia boss arranged an ambush to kill the head of police in that particular district. Elena, off-duty at the time, spotted multiple armed men at the side of the road, preparing to shoot at an incoming vehicle. Showing great courage, Elena disarmed one of the men, and in the ensuing shoot-out, she killed two and wounded another. Either she is very lucky, or she is more than meets the eye. Anyway, encouraged by this display of skill, she attempted to join the Italian Army, but was refused due to her lacking condition and strength. Nevertheless, she found work as a mercenary. Apparently, she hopes that, after a few contracts, her physical condition will have improved enough to let her join the Italian military. Now, Elena may not be physically tough, but according to this file, she's quite nimble. She has also scored high on the ranges, and she has experience in explosives...for some reason. Anyway, I'm sure she'll be a valuable asset.
  • Finally, Devon "Bunny" Bunzowski. (OOC: I'm sorry for making your mech stat kinda low, but I wanted to make you decent in the other stats, we already have a mechanic. :P) He was a US Army EOD Technician. He served in Iraq, and quickly earned the respect (and disdain from a few) from his fellow soldiers for being so eager to get near those bombs and take them apart. This is a little worrying, actually; he loves explosives. The profile says he has a nervous disposition, so I think the war got him to crack. Occasionally, he has bouts of maniacal laughter and loves making contraptions out of random objects...see, I probably would've ignored him if he wasn't the best explosives expert in I.M.P. Here's hoping he doesn't blow everyone up or something.

So yes, these are the mercs I hired. They are expected to land in the besieged city of Omerta tomorrow at 0700. Here's hoping they manage to accomplish their given task. Nimitz out.

May 27, 2015, 0700 hours Omerta, Northern Arulco

An MH-6 "Little Bird" swoops in over the ruined town. It descends, and two ropes are dropped from each side. Six armed figures fast rope down to the ground.

C: Alright, we're finally fuckin' here. Spread out, watch for movement!

Ellie: I don't see anything!

Big Ben: No movement to report.

Cia: Same 'ere. I do believe we're clear, boss.

C: Roger that. Move up, column formation, 15 meter spread. Keep an eye on the rear, we don't wanna get blindsided. Kill shots only, there isn't much ammo to find around here. Watch for civilians, too. A few may still be alive.

Generica: Christ, look at this place. Queen bitch's forces really pounded it.

Cia: Speakin' o' blindsided, here comes one right now, at our four!

C: Figured they'd see us coming. 'Rica, Ben, move to engage! The rest of you, on me!

Generica: He's in my sights... *BANG* Fuck, I missed him!

Ben: Hang tight, 'Rica. I'm moving to assist.

Cia: We should cover the left flank, C. That's a pretty wide street.

C: Agreed. Bunny, you're up.

Bunny: Uh, sorry?

C: You heard me, God dammit, now get over there and provide overwatch!

Bunny: Alright, I got it...oh shit, contact! Hundred meters out, west of us!

Cia: What'd I tell ya?

C: Eyes ahead, I got another tango in cover behind some debris. Ellie, left building. Get in there and establish a base of fire.

Ellie: I'm on it!

Cia: More hostiles. I count three it, Ellie, one is headin' right for you.

Ellie: Oh damn...there! *pow*

Soldier: Argh!

Ellie: Hit, that is a hit! Need something with more power...*POW* Merda! I missed!

Generica: Ben, stack up. Tango fell back in here.

Ben: You're covered.

Bunny: Ah, lost visual. Repeat, target is out of-Jesus Fuck! *pow* Danger close, repeat, danger close! *POW* *panting*

C: Bunny? Bunny, SITREP!

Bunny: He's down...fuck, he was that close to me...

Generica: Advancing...*BANG*

Ben: Well?

Generica: Chestful of buckshot. He's not getting up.

Ben: Nice. C'mon, let's link up with the others.

Ellie: *POW* He is down...yes, I think he's dead.

C: Right, I'm coming in, Ellie! Hold your position!

Ellie: I think he was about to fire. I could've-

C: Yes, but you were faster. Good work.

Cia: This guy's gettin' closer! I need some bleedin' assistance!

C: He's mine. *pow* Shot, he's down.

Cia: Thank you kindly.

Bunny: I'm moving to the next house! What the-...oh man. C, come in!

C: Go ahead.

Bunny: I see people in the house, a woman and a kid! There are still civvies around here!

C: Cia, check the house!

Cia: Confirmed, there are definitely civs in here. Hey...hey, if you can understand me, stay put, aye? We're cleaning this place out.

C: Watch the street.

Cia: Don't have to tell me twice. Just my luck, I see two tangos! One behind the car, the other near the next building down the road.

Ben: We're stacked up behind the building. We'll engage that other hostile.

Cia: I think I can... *pow* Ach, stand up for me, damn you!

Ellie: We will back your line.

C: Watch it, guys, hostile 2's closing in on ya!

Generica: Alright, go!

Ben: You're dead meat. *fires burst, only one hits* Tough one, ain't ya...let's finish you off. *fires a shot...and somehow misses* ...What.

Generica: Oh, are you shitting me? Urgh, let me handle this. *BANG* There we go.

Ben: What.

Cia: I've got you now... *pow* He's dead!

Generica: I think that's all of them, C.

C: Yeah, looks like it, and not a scratch suffered on our side. Damn good work, people!

Ben: What was that gay shit?

Generica: Ben, we all make mistakes sometimes, so shut up. Or maybe you just suck. I'd prefer to believe it's the former.

Ben: *groans*

Bunny: Oh, I missed most of it? Well...that's good, I guess?

Cia: It's only gonna get tougher from here, mate. Trust me.

That went well...better than I expected, even. Even though the enemy knew they were coming, the team managed to clear the town out with little effort. Whatever fears I had have been squashed. For now.

After the firefight, the team headed back to the woman Cia and Bunny saw in the central building. C explained that they were sent by Enrico Chivaldori, but understandably, the woman didn't believe him. Of course, she changed her mind as soon as he showed her the letter. The woman then proceeded to lead the mercs to another structure on the other side of town, where it was guarded by a Russian thug named Dimitri. At first, he was alarmed at their presence, but the woman, who Dimitri identifies as Fatima, assured him that they meant no harm.

Turns out, the building contained the entrance to a bunker being used by the remaining rebel forces. A high-ranking rebel prepares to shoot, but once again, Fatima managed to calm him down, explaining that the mercs had brought a letter from Chivaldori. The rebel didn't trust it, but just then, the rebel leader Miguel entered the room and took the letter. After looking it over, he was convinced that Chivaldori was truly alive and had hired these mercs to assist the revolutionaries. Miguel then explained that the men in the bunker were all that was left of his forces. Deidranna had been bombing Omerta for two months. He expressed his gratitude for the mercs coming to their aid. They grew wiser from the battle, and were eager to bring the queen down.

Then Miguel said that they were running low on food, and to receive more, Drassen had to be taken back from the enemy. C asked him to tag along with the squad, but he refused. Understandable; he was the only thing keeping the resistance together at this point. Instead, he allowed Ira, a humanitarian worker turned freedom fighter, to come with the group. (She has an annoying habit of pronouncing Miguel as Migwel. It's not critical or anything, it just irks me.) Ira explained that she was not the best shot out there, but she was a doctor, and that was enough for C and I to accept.

We've liberated Omerta. This is the first step to freeing all of Arulco. Next stop, Drassen. Taking it back from enemy hands will not be an easy feat. I think I'll end this log right here. It's long enough. Nimitz out.

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