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SapphireBlue2011-10-01 18:45:57

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I’ve gone through the first half of the final battle ahead of time. That way I don’t have to explain what I did. I’ve gone into the second half with the same characters I used for the first half. I also battle saved before taking the finishing blow. That way, I can pick whatever characters I want if this set doesn’t work out. But I think it will.

Anyway, Zehaal begins with his level 3 flash drive. No one dies, but everyone is damaged and some people are silenced. I get to work healing and un-silencing, while at the same time moving closer to him. Revenge time, sucker!

I realize that it wouldn’t be too hard to pull off Lucia and Alph’s Synergy. Their flash gauges both need to be full, right? No problem – I’ve got items for that. I’ll see what I can do.

After some time, I do manage to do it. It’s not as strong as I thought it would be, but it does good damage. Also, Heath’s flash drive does a LOT of damage. This is going far better than before. After several attacks, Leon manages to use his last flash drive. That does more damage than any of the other attacks.

His most recent turn had him attack several of my guys. None of them died, though, and he has less than 200 HP left. Now if I can just get Leon over there…darn it. He uses his last flash drive. Only two of my guys die, but he does warp all the way across the map. Still, this won’t be long. Zehaal only has 99 HP left.

Alph gets the honor of delivering the final blow. Get ready, guys, because it’s time for the ending.

Whoever’s voicing Zehaal is doing some of the hammiest voice acting I’ve ever heard. I know I already said that, but seriously, this is ridiculous. Anyway, the fight continues, and Zehaal manages to become even stronger. Things aren’t looking good.

Lucia decides that it’s time. She asks everyone to focus their power on the Lapistier, because she’s going to use the Spear of Dawn. Vanessa tries to go along, but Claire tells her no. Everyone except Alph and Lucia need to leave. She tells all the Witches to channel their power into the Lapistier and give them to Lucia. The game’s awesome theme begins to play as they do just that.

Mel goes first, followed by Vivi, Vanessa, Mavi, Claire, and Cecille. Everyone says some cheesy stuff about how it can’t end now, but the moment manages to be genuinely awesome anyway. Alph tells Lucia to take the Light Lapistier, meaning she has all of them. Everyone else leaves, wishing her good luck. Lucia thanks them.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Lucia asks Alph to focus on protecting the planet’s heart instead of her. If she uses the Spear of Dawn here, she’ll probably destroy the planet’s heart along with Zehaal. If it dies, so will the rest of the world. Alph is confused. Doesn’t he need to keep her safe? But Lucia doesn’t care if she has to die, as long as the world survives.

Alph is horrified, but Lucia insists. He can’t risk the whole world just to protect her. He continues to protest, saying that even if he does save the world, it doesn’t mean anything without her.

Lucia tells him she knows he’ll do the right thing, and goes ahead and casts the spell, saying goodbye to him. Once she does this, Alph screams her name. What good is the Rym’s power if he can’t even save one girl’s life? This is incredibly cliché dialogue, but Alph’s voice actor is doing a great job making it convincing.

Suddenly, Theo calls out, telling him not to give up. He tells Alph to believe in his powers. The Light Lapistier shines, and Alph remarks that the planet is lending him its strength. A picture is shown of Alph in front of Lucia. He asks if she can hear him, and says he’s going to protect everything, right now!

Some text appears, saying that the Light Lapistier flashed, and enveloped Alph and Lucia with its power. The light encompassed the entire planet. And then…”one year later?”


Well, anyway, we see Saki talking to Heath about the findings of an investigation. Heath mentions they’re supposed to meet at the Witch Village on this day. Kai comes up, and says something about the subjugation of the monsters. Apparently, they’re in the process of reorganizing the Church as well. Kai is the leader of the Eurus Knights now, and the two of them can‘t afford to leave right now. They appear to be in the process of adding things to the Scripture – things about Witches, Dragons, and the planet. Kai suggests that Nicolai should do that. Heath says it’s a bad idea – he’d tell everyone to worship Witches. Which is probably true.

Cecille and Leon are next. Apparently, Leon is now a lieutenant in the Zephyroth Knights. Cecille is upset that they won’t see each other much when he takes on the job. Alph and Theo have formed a defense force to protect the town. Saki works for Heath in intelligence. She’s a little sad that they’ll all be so far apart. Leon sounds like he’s about to make a love confession, but Nicolai pops in and stops him. He can’t let him have Cecille to himself. Cecille says she wasn’t going to let him. Oh man, ‘’Cecille’’!

Alph is talking to someone, who’s apparently in a bad mood because of something Alph said to them. He apologizes. Theo’s there too, but it won’t show us who Alph is addressing. Gee, I wonder who it could be? Vanessa warps in all of a sudden. She still wants Theo to be her Rym, but he doesn’t want to. She says to tell him when he thinks he can handle the job. She says they’re all meeting at the village, so they should go. Vanessa offers to “whisk Theo away with a little magic,” but Theo wants to go with Alph. Jesus Christ, Vanessa. Way to turn on the pedo vibes.

Alph and Theo get to the village, and are greeted by Pollon, Alice, and Therese. Apparently the girls are learning to craft items from Pollon. At some point, a really pretty instrumental version of Brilliant World starts playing. Payan shows up and asks the boys to deliver a cake to Claire that Alice and Therese made. Payan tells them to share it with everyone in the village.

Apparently, everyone’s already here. The credits star playing on the bottom screen, but the scene continues on the top screen. Everyone starts continues to talk, and Claire tells everyone that it’s time for some tea. Theo says something about Alph having a big argument with “Lu…” Yeaaah. A moment later, Lucia speaks up, and an animation is shown of her, without her hat, standing there smiling.

I’m given the chance to save, and I take it despite the fact that I won’t be touching the file again.

Well, I guess that’s it. The game is finished, and my liveblog along with it. For everyone who’s been following it this whole time – putting up with my long periods of inactivity, or dealing with the fact that this is still my first liveblog and is pretty unpolished – I want to say thank you. I really appreciate your support, and I hope you’ll take a look at some of my future projects.

Thanks for everything, guys, and I’m so glad you liked this.



Oct 1st 2011 at 7:47:57 PM
Well, congradulations. I've enjoyed reading this blog and playing the game it motivated me to...well, play. Perhaps it's not perfect, but things in life rarely are, and this was much more than decent for a first attempt. I salute you, fellow troper, and hope that your future endeavors go smoothly.
Jan 1st 2012 at 12:24:07 AM
i'm trying to win with the following team please help me Alph: Level 51 Cecille: Level 52 Nikolai: Level 46 Vivi: Level 51 Mel: Level 51 Lucia: Level 48 Mavi: Level 51 Vanessa: Level 52

Example of: