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Live Blog Let's play Luminous Arc!
SapphireBlue2011-01-25 14:45:23

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I move down to the next map, and see that my next destination is here. Thereís one battle on the way. I go into it.

My levels are as follows. Lucia is 22, Cecille is 23, Nicolai and Theo are 25, Leon and Mel are 26, Alph, Saki, Pollon, and Vivi are 27. Mavi, who has apparently just joined my team, is 30. Because sheís a bit higher level than everyone else, I will not use her for this battle. I decide to bring in Alph, Theo, Leon, Nicolai, Cecille, Saki, Lucia, and Mel. And like I said before, Pollon sucks. Iím not going to use him.

My opponents for this battle are all human. Thereís two Magicians, two Clerics, two Brawlers, and two Rangers. Weíre on opposite sides of a river, with two bridges on either side to get across. Iíll try and keep everyone together if possible, because anyone left alone will probably die. And I want to save my three remaining feathers for the next battle. Again, I remember it being difficult. But if things go the way theyíve been going, Iíll probably clear it on my first try. Funny how thatís been happening.

I start moving my guys over to the bridge on the right. Amusingly, all the girls are on one side while all the guys are on the other. I have Nicolai raise his, Theoís, and Leonís speed in order to get them to catch up more easily. He levels to 26. Saki uses Chi Strike on an archer. Sheís been hit a few times, so Lucia heals her. Lucia levels to 23. I start being able to attack the other guys.

Funny, Cecille is still saying things like ďMay God be with us,Ē despite what weíre learning about the Church. She canít go on saying that forever, can she? Theo levels to 26 after attacking a fighter. Luciaís Shine magic really, really sucks at this point. I wish sheíd learn a new offensive spell. Cecille levels to 24 after healing Leon and Saki. Oh yeah, and Mel died not too long ago.

The first kill of the battle goes to Leon. He levels to 27. Saki levels to 28. Those Clerics are getting really, really annoying, by the way. I really should take them out when I get the chance.

Theo dies after being attacked a few times. Wow. This fight is actually kind of challenging. Lucia just got killed as well. Now I only have five guys left. Against seven. I should probably revive Mel or someone. I hate to use a feather, but I really need someone else.

OH MY GOD. CLERICS. STOP HEALING PEOPLE. D: Nicolai dies. I might actually lose. Mel gets the second kill, taking down a Magician. She levels to 27. And DAMMIT CLERIC STOP IT. If I lose this time, I take them out first. Alph dies. Also, if I lose, Iíll use more items. Saki kills an archer.

Mel kills the first of the two clerics. Thisíll hopefully make things easier. Leon uses his level 2 flash drive, and kills the remaining archer and cleric. OK, things are looking brighter. I have four guys, they have two. Saki levels to 29. Cecille kills the Magician, leaving only the Brawler left. She levels to 25. Saki kills off the last guy, securing my victory.

Wow. That was kind of sad. I almost lost in a non-story battle. My rewards are 4500 Rico, a FP-Fizzy, and three Vitae called Mesa, Esta, and Prox. Wait, Prox? Whatever. I intermission with Theo, for whatíll probably be his last time. He says that today was a great day. Do I know why? My answers are ďDid you have a huge omelet?Ē ďYou look taller today,Ē and ďíDid you meet a cute girl?Ē I choose the middle answer. He seems surprised, and asks if I really think so. Then he seems excited, saying heíll be taller than Alph someday. I donít get anything, though.

Once Iím back on the world map, I save and continue on towards the research center.

We arrive and findÖnothing? Leon remarks that the place is a mess. A random researcher comes along, and says that a light appeared and destroyed everything. Lucia says she canít believe Vanessa did this. Suddenly, Mel says she spots her. Alph comes up, and says that sheíll pay. Cecille canít believe she killed all those people. Even Nicolai is disgusted, and thatís saying something. Vanessa protests, saying she didnít do it, but no one listens to her. She decides sheíll fight anyway. I can return to the world map, or I can start the fight. I go to the world map, save, and begin.

The battle prep screen comes up right away. I bring in Alph, Theo, Leon, Nicolai, Cecille, Lucia, Vivi, and Mel.

Yeah, I remember this battle being where things started getting difficult. Iíll see how well I do this time. If I have trouble, Iíll try saving at moments where Iím doing well. My opponents are five Hikopins, along with Vanessa and her two Behemoths. Hey, wait a minute. Lucia said that Witches donít control or summon monsters. If thatís the case, then why does Vanessa always have those Behemoths whenever I fight her? Did she train them or something? I wouldnít think monsters would be tameableÖbut given that sheís Vanessa, she probably found a way. It probably wasnít pretty, either.

The battlefield is mostly flat, with a lower area in the corner and two staircases leading up. I start on the lower area. I begin moving up the stairs on the left.

Oh yeah, now I remember why this is hard. The Hikopins. They can use area fire attacks now, and theyíre pretty strong. Two of them attack Alph and Theo. Lucia heals them, and levels to 24. Iím also trying to use my FP increase items this time. Theyíre quite useful, but I tend to forget about using items.

A Hikopin kills off both Theo and Vivi all of a sudden. Iíd better res them. Theo gets revived first, and then Nicolai gives himself, Mel, and Cecille a speed buff. He levels to 27. Oh yeah, did I mention that one Hikopin is down? Guess I forgot about that.

Also, both Nicolai and Cecille are killed. I should probably res Nicolai first. Lucia kills another Hikopin, and levels to 25. Theo dies next. Dang. This is not good. Mel attacks a Hikopin and levels. I bring back Cecille, but Vanessa kills her. Melís the next to die. Leon levels to 29 after killing another Hikopin.

Lucia dies. This is really not good. Next, Alph goes down. SHIT. Leonís the only one left, and I canít revive anyone else. I might as well turn off, but I figure I should keep trying as long as I can. Which isnít much longer, as heís quickly finished off.

OK then. Honestly, maybe I should run back to the last battle in order to train a bit more. Yeah, that sounds good. Iíll do that.

I wonít bore you with the details. It wasnít easy, though, and it took some time. But I did get some good levels out of it. I intermission with Leon this time. He asks me if I have anyone Iím thinking about. My answers are ďMaybe Lucia,Ē ďMaybe Cecille,Ē and ďIím worried about Theo.Ē Well, the third one misses the point, and I canít say the middle one because Leon likes Cecille. So I pick the first. He says he knew it, and that now that he can help me, itís all smooth sailing. Then he asks what that look is about.

Anyway, I save again. Maybe this time Iíll be more prepared for the battle with Vanessa. So I go over and choose my guys. I decide to test out Mavi this time. Maybe sheíll be helpful. Other than her, I bring in Alph (required), Theo, Leon, Nicolai, Cecille, Lucia, and Mel.

This time, I save before I do anything, so that I can just go straight to the battle if I lose. Given that my lucky streak appears to be over, this is a distinct possibility. Mavi goes first this time. I wasnít thinking she was very fast, but I guess she is. However, her movement isn't that great.

Iím going to go up the other staircase this time, just to see if it works any better. Things go well for a while. All my guys are still alive, and nothing much has happened. A few turns later, Theo dies. Looks like I spoke too soon. Oh well, I can bring him back.

Lucia learns a new spell when she levels to 28. Hopefully itís a better attack spell, but I canít tell yet., HELL. Vanessa gets two attacks within a few turns of each other. Lucia dies. OK, Iíll have to res her, too. First kill goes to Mel, on one of the Behemoths. And then shortly after that, Leon and Alph die. Crap. Now I have to pick who to bring back, since I only have two feathers. I bring back Mel, but then Nicolai dies. Vanessa again moves twice within a relatively short period of time. And guess what? Cecille and Mavi die, leaving Mel alone. This is really getting on my nerves. Frustrated, and knowing I canít win, I turn my DS off and on.

OK, letís try this again. From now on, my covering of this battle will be minimal. I donít want to write up a whole detailed review only to lose and be forced to start over. I reload my battle save, and begin another attempt. Oh yeah, one more thing. If I remember correctly, this is a two-part battle. Once I win, I have to go up against someone else. I wonít say who it is, though, although I will say itís someone we havenít seen before. I think the second part was easier, but I canít say for sure.

Oh, crap. A ways in, I find out that Vanessa has a charm spell. Thatís right, the kind of thing that makes your guys attack each other. That doesnít even get the chance to happen this time, though, as all afflicted units are quickly slaughtered. It doesnít take long for me to lose again.

Thatís three losses so far. Even though the chapter isnít done, Iím feeling like wrapping this up for now. Clearly, I have a difficult battle to get through, and I donít think itís reasonable to put all my attempts in one entry. For that matter, chances are that Iíll have to do a bit of leveling. Iím not willing to do hours of grinding or anything, mind you. But if Iím losing this badly, then getting a few levels is probably the best option.

Iíll get back to this later.


Jan 25th 2011 at 9:52:49 PM
I'm definitely enjoying the game so far. Actually, I've taken such an interest in it that I'm as far as you are...well, with a few differences here and there. For example, I've found that Pollon-Pollon makes an excellent meat shield in narrow passages, as he can self-heal long before Cecille and Mel can get a turn in. Also, most of my battles star only Alph, Saki, and Leon, as the others can just buff/heal each other for XP even when buffed/at max HP. Takes a while, but I think it's worth it for a Cecille with Revive at this point.

By the way, I somehow beat that one sidequest with Cecille and the Twilight Herbs. And by 'somehow', I mean 'equipped two belts from the mining place to get 50 extra HP, abused healing items, stowed away in a corner so at least one foe couldn't get to me, and got lucky with Alph's paralyzing technique'. I doubt it'd still be available now that Theo has that pendant, but I wouldn't recommend it even if it's open; the 'reward' is just 3000 rico and Alph saying that he was worried about Cecille when they were kids.

All in all, I'm still glad to be following this Liveblog, and I wish you the best of luck...Oh, one other thing. When I first decided to fuse stuff at the Workshop, I somehow got Alice to say something about "a sword that sings a sad song". As I had a spare Sabre, and Sad & Song Vitae, I decided to use her to put them all together...and if you haven't already, I think you'd get a nice surprise if you did the same thing.
Jan 26th 2011 at 7:53:57 AM
Glad you like it! :) I'm still surprised that this liveblog convinced someone to buy the game, though. This game's not one of my favorites, but it's certainly enjoyable. Plus, it was one of the games I had that was both readily available and not terribly long. I mean, I've kinda wanted to do a Let's Play of Legend Of Dragoon for a while, since it's the kind of game that's easy to poke fun at despite being good. But I think that one would work better as a series of videos. And it's four PS 1 disks.

Anyway, I'm thinking I might want to do some of that item fusing stuff. It'll probably help me out with this fight.
Jan 26th 2011 at 8:42:03 AM
Yeah, there's a whole slew of special item + vitea combination that make unique gear. They'l give you hints as to what they are, but honestly, it'd be easier to just look them up.

Example of: