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Chapter 20: From the depths...

Party Setup:

  • Leiden, Lv 40 Sableye
  • Eclipse, Lv 40 Absol
  • Exde, Lv 40 Shiftry
  • Dart, Lv 40 Sharpedo
  • Treecko
  • Tentacool


  • Fargus, Lv 40 Crawdaunt
  • Luna, Lv 40 Mightyena
  • Mojo, Lv 41 Cacturne

{Shay sets off from Mossdeep, attempting to catch up with Team Aqua at the Seafloor Cavern}

Shay: Time to test out dive.

{Shay and Tentacool float near a sandy floor, with clumps of seeweed reminding her of the tall grass on land.}

Shay: Amazing... but this can't be the trench the captain was investigating. It's not deep enough. We'd better surface and try another spot.

Pokenav: Brendan: Hey, Shay! I was in Pacifidlog just now. I saw this huge green pokemon flying across the sky. I've never seen anything that amazing before. I wish you could have seen it, Shay.

Shay: How sweet of you. Are you sure you're the real Brendan?

Brendan: Hey, don't be like that!

Shay: Just a joke. Really, I think you've grown a lot. See you later...(Click)

{While Shay was talking, she approached another diving spot, and once she's done with the phone, she tells Tentacool to investigate.}

Shay: (Now this is what I call a trench. ...No seeweed, so I shouldn't need to worry about ambushes. Now, time to see where this leads...)

{It's a long trail, but eventually, Shay comes across a cave entrance at her altitude. Entering it, she sees something that proves that she has reached her goal.}

Shay: According to the decals, this submarine is the "Submarine Explorer 1". The same one Team Aqua stole! They must have gone ashore here... And they can't have left yet! Tentacool, reverse Dive!


{Shay starts exploring the cavern, needing Treecko's Rock Smash and Strength to move forward.}

Team Aqua Grunt: We don't need a kid around! Go on home already!

Shay: That's not happening.

{This grunt uses a Poochyena (Lv 36).}

Aqua Grunt: I want to go home... I want to get a promotion so I can boss around the Grunts...

Aqua Grunt: That submarine... It's tiny inside. I'm sore all over!

Shay: (Does this mean they haven't gotten far because they needed to recover from the trip?)

{This grunt uses a Carvanha. For winning, Leiden learns Shadow Ball over Fake Out.}

Aqua Grunt: Losing makes me sore! That submarine we jacked, man, it's brutal as a ride. It's way too tight in there!

{Shay Surfs through rapid currents with little control over her own movements and solves block mazes, guessing which of the many branching and looping paths lead to the end.}

Admin Shelly: Ahahahaha! How did you manage to get here without a submarine? What an impressive child!But, it won't do to have you meddling about here. And, I do want payback for what happened at the Weather Institute... I'm going to give you a little taste of pain! Resign yourself to it!

Aqua Grunt: For our dream to become real, we need the power of Pokemon. But meddlers like you used the power of Pokemon to mess with us even at a place like this! Life just doesn't work the way we need it to!

{Double Challenge! Shelly starts with a Sharpedo (Lv 37) While the grunt backs her up with a Mightyena (Lv 35). Exde and Dart face them with Giga Drain and Surf. Shelly sends in another Mightyena after her Sharpedo falls, but she's no match for what she's fighting. The grunt is left with a Golbat for their last stand. He doesn't last long.}

Shelly: Ahahahaha! Ouch!

Aqua Grunt: Gwah!

Shelly: Ahahahaha! You're so darn strong. It's terribly disappointing that you're not a Team Aqua member. You could have enjoyed the fabulous world the boss has promised as one of us...

Aqua Grunt: You know, we don't dare question the motives of our leader. But here you are, just some punk, going up against our Boss. Maybe... You must be something...

{Shay is, by now, quite lost...}

Aqua Grunt: Who are you? Where did you come in from?

Shay: I'm Shay, Dark Specialist. And I've been following you for a long time...

{This grunt uses a Zubat.}

Aqua Grunt: Lost it... I can't find the way out! I'm not afraid. Don't get me wrong!

Shay: (The layout of this place doesn't seem to make sense...)

Aqua Grunt F: Who are you? Where do you think you're going?

{This Grunt uses a Carvanha.}

Aqua Grunt F: I failed to win! ...My partner forgot the map in that submarine! How's that for being useless!

{Eventually, Shay reaches a misty area.}

Shay: There's something on the floor here... TM 26 Earthquake. A very powerful move... There's the question of how it got down here, but... In a way, it makes sense.

{Shay continues on until the trail leads to an underground lake, with a large, greyed sea creature in the middle. Shay gazes out at it.}

Shay: So this is it... the legendary Pokemon...

{Suddenly, someone calls out.}

Archie: Hold it right there!

{Archie comes down the path after Shay.}

Archie: Fufufu... So it was you, after all.

Shay: I'm surprised as well. I guess the cave kept you occupied.

{Archie turns toward the lake and gestures out.}

Archie: Behold! See how beautiful it is, the sleeping form of the ancient Pokemon Kyogre! I have waited long for this day to come...

Shay: Archie, Groudon already woke up too. Having both ancient Pokemon active is the last thing the world needs!

Archie: Oh? I honestly hadn't noticed. None of my agents back outside have reported any droughts or the like.

Shay: Groudon might have chosen to stay inactive for now. But if it's enemy wakes up too, I wouldn't count on it staying away.

Archie: Well, who do you think would win? Water against ground is basic logic. With me controlling Kyogre, Groudon will be only a passing memory.

Shay: That'll be even worse!

Archie: It surprises me, how you've managed to chase me here. But that's all over now. For the realization of my dream, you must disappear now!

{Battle: Versus Aqua Leader Archie}

{Alternate music: Past Boss 2}

Shay: Engage! To protect the world - Dart! {Lv 41}

Archie: Mightyena! Attack! {Lv 41}

Shay: Surf!

Archie: We'll even the odds with Scary Face!

{Turn 1: Mightyena is weakened by surf, but slows Dart down with Scary Face}

Shay: Finally fighting you... It was only a matter of time. Surf again!

Archie: So it was.

{Turn 2: Archie uses a super Potion, but it's not enough to keep Mightyena from being washed away.}

Archie: Return! ... Crobat! Go my old friend! {Lv 41}

Shay: Shift in, Eclipse! Time for you to protect the world from devastation! Secret Power! {Lv 41}

Archie: Too Slow! Wing attack!

{Turn 3: Crobat is more powerful than Eclipse, but both are still going strong.}

Shay: You may have raised the stakes, but I'm not going anywhere!

Archie: We'll see. Confuse Ray!

{Turn 4: Eclipse hurts himself in confusion.}

Shay: (Not good...)

Archie: Now for another offensive!

{Turn 5: Shay heals Eclipse. Crobat uses Wing Attack.

Shay: (We'll be cutting it close, but...) Swords Dance!

{Turn 6: Crobat uses Air Cutter, but Eclipse pulls off a Swords Dance.}

Shay: (Come on... I hate gambling like this...)

Archie: If we keep this up, she doesn't stand a chance!

{Turn 7: Shay heals Eclipse. Crobat uses Air Cutter}

Shay: Now, Secret Power!

Archie: You fool! Help him along, Crobat.

{Turn 7: Crobat uses Wing attack. Eclipse finishes himself off.}

Shay: I blew it... Dart, you're the only one who can keep up with him! Surf!

{Turn 8: Turns out he can't keep up. Crobat uses wing attack, cutting himself on Dart's Rough Skin. He barely stands up to Dart's attack.}

Shay: Surf again! He can't take another hit!

Archie: Can't he?

{Turn 9: Archie uses a Super Potion, but it's not nearly enough to save Crobat.}

Shay: No.

Archie: Grrr... Sharpedo! We're fighting four our world! {Lv 43}

Shay: Shift in, Exde! Giga Drain! {Lv 41}

Archie: We'll see about that. Swagger!

{Turn 10: Sharpedo uses Swagger. Exde fights through the confusion to drain almost all of Sharpedo's health.}

Shay: Archie, this can't go on. If you'd just take a moment to think about what would really happen when the sea covers the coast-

Archie: I'm not done yet!

{Turn 11: Sharpedo uses Slash. Exde manages a Nature Power - Shadow Ball, finishing the shark off.}

Archie: What?! I lost to a mere child like you?!

Shay: And so it ends...

{Battle End}

Archie: Fufufu...

Shay: (? What's he laughing about?)

Archie: I commend you. I must recognize that you are truly gifted. But! I have this in my possession!

Shay: Oh no! (He can still use the Red Orb!)

Archie: With this Red Orb, I can make Kyogre-

{The fog clears, and the Red Orb begins shining by itself!}

Shay: Gyaah!

{Kyogre regains it's normal coloration and swims toward Archie and Shay, then jumps out of sight.}

Archie: What?! I didn't do anything. Why did the Red Orb... Where did Kyogre go?

Shay: Just like Groudon... completely beyond control...

{There is an electronic beeping sound.}

Archie: Hm? It's a message from our members outside...

{He steps away to take the call.}

Archie: Yes, what is it?

Archie: Hm... It's raining heavily? Good... That should have happened/ That was why we awakened Kyogre, to realize Team Aqua's visions of expanding the sea.

Shay: (It worked? Oh... oh no...)

Archie: What!?

Archie: It's raining far harder than we envisioned? You're in danger? That can't be... That's just not possible...

Shay: Just as I thought...

Archie: Hold your position and monitor the situation!

{Archie ends the connection}

Archie: There's something wrong... The Red Orb is supposed to awaken and control Kyogre...

Shay: (The legends say that the two orbs put the two pokemon to sleep. I thought that the teams got them switched, but maybe it was something else...)

Archie: But... Why? Why did Kyogre disappear?

Shay: Archie...

Archie: Why?!

{Enter Maxie, Tabitha, and a female Magma admin}

Maxie: What have you wrought? Archie... You've finally awoken Kyogre, haven't you? What will happen to the world if this downpour continues for all eternity? The worlds landmass will drown in the deepening sea...

Archie: ! W-what?! Don't get all high and mighty with me! Wasn't it you, Team Magma, that infuriated Groudon? So long as I have this Red Orb, I should be able to control Kyogre... I should be able to control it...

Maxie: We don't have time to argue about it here! Get outside and see for yourself! See if what you've wrought is the world that we desired!

{Maxie pushes past Archie}

Maxie: Shay, come on, you have to get out of here, too!

The Flood

{In the shallows on top of the cavern, the three elite trainers look out over the ocean. The weather wildly gyrating from pouring thunderstorms to boiling sunlight. However, the rain does fall faster than it can evaporate.}

Archie: What happened... What is this wretched scene... Did I... make a horrible mistake?

Shay: (So chaotic...)

{Archie sinks to his knees}

Archie: I... I only wanted...

{Maxie approaches Archie.}

Maxie: Do you understand now, Archie? Do you finally see how disastrous your dream turned out to be? We have to hurry! We have to do something quickly before the situation goes completely out of control!

{Maxie goes to Shay}

Maxie: Shay, don't say anything. I know that I have no right to be critical of Archie... But the way things are now, I doubt that we humans will be capable of doing anything about it. But neither can we stand by and just watch helplessly. The responsibility for putting an end to this falls to Archie and me...

{The Team leaders start to leave.}

Maxie: This defies belief... Those super-ancient Pokemon... Their power is unbelievable. They've upset the balance of nature...

{With a woosh of steel wings, Steven is dropped behind Shay as she looks after them.}

Steven: Shay! What is happening?

Shay: Super Ancient Pokemon... controlling the weather...

{Steven looks out toward the epicenter of the effect}

Steven: This is terrible... After the scorching heat wave ended, this deluge began. If this doesn't stop, all of Hoenn... No, the whole world will drown.

Shay: (Groudon was active after all? I guess I'd gotten so used to the volcano that I didn't notice. But the effect wasn't as strong as this. Even the heat flashes are stronger...)

Steven: This huge rain cloud is spreading from atop Sootopolis... What in the world is taking place there?

Shay: It's there... It has to be.

Steven: There's no point arguing here... Sootopolis might provide answers...

{Steven turns back to Shay}

Steven: Shay... I don't know what you intend to do, but don't do anything reckless.

Shay: Understood.

Steven: Okay, I'm going to Sootopolis.

{Skarmory swoops back down and grabs Steven, taking him northward.}

Shay: This has become the worst case scenario. But now that they're out in the open, I should have a chance to do something about it!

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