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Solstace2010-12-11 00:09:42

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Trope Related Dreams

And the second thread in Yackfest is titled "Trope Related Dreams", and was started by a Ruthie A . Her avatar seems familiar.

First post sets the example, as RuthieA depicts a dream she had, using a plethora of blue links. Tangent128 replies with an anecdote about how the only dream he remembers a nightmare from when he was five. It had something to do with a toaster.

Third post is from yet another familiar face, William Wide Web. No avatar, William? You must still have been a rather new face.

And even Fast Eddie ventured into Yackfest, complete with Narmy Nightmare Fuel avatar.

Now, I'm not going to comment on every post, because I'm lazy.

This obviously isn't something I inherited from my forefathers of the forums, because a troper named Fire Walk posts a nice Wall of Text depicting a dream of his, as does Brickman. His avatar also looks somewhat familiar.

Skip a couple posts, nothing interesting, and then Fawriel makes an appearance, and gives a brief summary about how he dreams in the form of RPGs. Also, he appears to have a hand-drawn avatar, as is Fawriel custom.

FastEddie changed the appearance of those bottom-of-the-page indexing doohickeys, and I thought they looked a lot better.

Oh, Meta4, you're such a card.

End of thread.

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