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Hi everyone. My name's Ruthie I'm two decades old now. I'm a storytelling nerd—books, movies, TV, role-playing games. I believe that good stories contribute to humanity I'm planning to get my degree in humanities and teach college when I'm older so I can share that nerdiness with others. My hobbies include Role-Playing games, Collectible Card Games, writing, drawing, and miniature painting.


I have a some troubles with social anxiety, but I'm working on it, and I think I'm actually doing rather well. I'm an idealist, although not naive—I believe in the potential for good inside all persons, but I know that they also make mistakes. To err is human, to forgive...perhaps one of the greatest virtues we have.

I'm engaged to my wonderful Fiance, Thomas, who is just as nerdy as me, and kind and funny. Neither of us are perfect, but I we both know and accept that. I met him through my college's creative writer's club and we've pretty much been together since.

In our spare time, my fiance and I are working on a role-playing game system made to be simple and fun, and we're hoping to publish it through some sort of inde publishing just as soon as we can. I hope people have as much fun as we :).


Anyway, I've blabbered on quite enough for now, so have a wonderful day.


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