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*CompleteMonster: [[BigBad Rudolph "Rudy" Shelton]] is the ruler of the streets of Toronto. A monstrous gangster, Rudy is a devotee of the loa who misuses the power to keep himself young and strong. After his wife Gros-Jeanne left him due to his abusive tendencies, Rudy murdered her lover Dunston and [[YourSoulIsMine enslaved his soul]], imprisoning it in [[AndIMustScream pain and torment]]. Rudy keeps others as [[VoodooZombie living zombies]], wearing them out and replacing them, even [[FlayingAlive flaying one alive]] as she is completely conscious to prove a point to his posse member Tony who he sends to obtain a heart for a transplant of the province's premier. Rudy is revealed to have turned his own daughter into a malevolent spirit known as a duppy which murders others and enslaves souls to keep Rudy strong, feeding it with the sacrifice of children. After he discovers heroine Ti-Jeanne is his granddaughter, Rudy attempts to carve her soul apart to make a new duppy, treating his atrocities with savage glee mixed with indifference to any life besides his own.

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