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* The title of the comic is a reference to one of Holmes' famous sayings: "Once you have eliminated the impossible, ''whatever remains'', however improbable, must be the truth."

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''[[ Whatever Remains]]'' is a SherlockHolmes webcomic adaptation set in 1920s London, written by {{Website/TUMBLR}} user [[ anotherwellkeptsecret]].

[[ It can also be read]] on the author's [[ website]].

!!This Webcomic Provides Examples Of:

* AdaptationalAttractiveness: Holmes is described as incredibly thin and hawk-like in the original novels. Here he is an incredibly handsome young man.
*AdaptationalBackstoryChange: Watson and Holmes first met as teenagers, as opposed to the former only meeting the latter after returning from war.
**Watson was evidently injured in a different war, given that the Second Anglo-Afghan War only lasted until 1880.
*DisabledInTheAdaptation: Whilst Watson was not unscathed in the original stories, here he is missing a leg.
** During the flashback to 1914, Watson's prizefighting name was "The Rat of Sumatra", which was one of many unrecorded cases mentioned during the original stories.
** Violet Smith and her stalker [[spoiler:turning out to be looking out for her]] are from "The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist".
** Chapter One is named "The Solider Soldier", which brings to mind both the aforementioned "Solitary Cyclist" and "The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier".

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