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''Explore a Directionless World.''

Dandara is a UsefulNotes/{{Unity}} Main/{{Metroidvania}} game developed by Long Hat House and released in February 2018. The game stars a young explorer who cannot run or jump at all -- instead, she has the ability to zip from one flat white surface to another. Disorientation is common as she moves between walls, ceilings, and any other flat surface within sight. Dandara herself is a supernatural explorer that is awoken one day to a world oppressed by supernatural evil, and is tasked with the role of clearing it all.

The game was designed with Ancient Brazilian folklore in mind and takes place within a fictional depiction of Ancient Brazil.

!! This game provides examples of:

* DoesNotLikeShoes: Dandara is always barefoot, though she does wear several ankle bracelets on each foot.
* DreamLand: One part of the game is called the "Dream Lands".
* FlashStep: Dandara's movement is closer to a Flash Step than actual teleportation -- although her movement is nearly instantaneous, she can get hit by enemies as she transitions from one point to another.
* GravityScrew: Dandara can attach herself to any flat surface colored white in the game, and she stands upright related to it after getting there.
* {{Metroidvania}}: Unusually for a game of this genre Dandara cannot run or jump and can only move through the world by zipping her way through from one white surface to another.
* NintendoHard: If you think getting through the game's early parts with its unique control style is hard, wait till progressing.
* ShownTheirWork: ''Dandara'' is filled with references to Brazilian culture and history, from the graffiti and street culture of the village to the military uniforms of the bosses. Supporting characters refer to famous Brazilian landmarks and works of art, while Dandara herself is named and designed after the famous Afro-Brazilian warrior from the colonial period. Some players have even compared the game's movement mechanism to the martial art of ''capoeira''.
* TeleportInterdiction: Dandara can only move from one white surface to another, and there is a limit to how far she can travel with each jump.
* TeleportSpam: The player must master this technique to defeat the game's more difficult enemies.
* WarpWhistle: Late in the game, Dandara gets the ability to travel from one campsite to another.

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