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--> '''Max''': Guess he isn't coming... Can't blame him.


--> '''Max''': Guess he isn't coming... Can't Well, I wouldn't blame him.him if he didn't come.

Added DiffLines:

* The scene where Max leaves and Goofy is feeling lonely. Bumped up even more when you see the dead-end production line job he has. And then you realise that this single father has been doing this lousy job for three years (the previous movie had him as a child photographer) and ''still'' coming home cheerful and loving towards his son, and it's bumped UpToEleven. The worst part is when he walks around Max's now-empty room before sitting on the bed and hugging his son's old teddy bear, sobbing. Many parents will testify that yeah, it's ''exactly'' like that when your baby leaves the nest.
** Goofy also reflects that he may not see Max again until Christmas. Even this gives Max some pause in his otherwise haste to get out of there. Max in general doesn't seem to really be processing the ordeal like even most real life freshmen who are heartbroken about leaving home, he's just in a rush to leave his overbearing father. One has to wonder if he potentially would've suffered any angst or heartbreak had Goofy not joined him in college, and if he would've regretted his hasty departure.
** Goofy also prepares an obscenely huge breakfast for his son the morning he leaves for college. Unfortunately, Max is leaving earlier than expected to attend freshman orientation, letting the lovingly crafted meal go to waste.
* Max's huge TheReasonYouSuckSpeech to Goofy after the first X-Games challenge is pretty heart wrenching, because Max was telling off Goofy over something ''he doesn't know about'', and he tells him "'''GET YOUR OWN LIFE!!'''" Which only causes Goofy to become depressed, fail an exam, and miss his date with Sylvia, who then is seriously angry at him for ditching her.
* Max's guilty expression when he realizes his father was right about Bradley trying to eliminate his teammates in order to win. Especially when he calls out to Goofy through the Jumbotron:
--> '''Max''': ''I need you''.
** Worse is his reaction when he thinks Goofy isn't coming:
--> '''Max''': Guess he isn't coming... Can't blame him.
* A mild one for PJ, but at the beginning when Max is complaining about Goofy, he quips to Max that at least Goofy isn't "counting the days before he can turn his son's room into a bowling alley", which is later followed by [[AbusiveParents Pete]] ignoring Goofy's noticeable sorrow and mockingly shouting "C'mon son, I can't miss you if you don't leave!" and laughing.
* A bittersweet one in that PJ has gone his whole life being overshadowed by his friends, but meets a kind, beautiful girl in college who immediately falls head over heels for him. It gives him the emotional support and confidence that he had never really had his entire life beforehand.
* When Bradley shot Tank and Max into the X, it caught on fire '''on live TV'''. Goofy tried to save his son before it could happen too, so he had tried to do something: he ran in the fire to save his son. Silvia was in the audience, so she's seeing her boyfriend trying to go into the inferno to save his son. '''That''' is heartbreaking for both of them and for anyone watching this in their world.

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