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->''The first part of my preparations involved assembling a deviously simple [[{{Magitek}} science]] [[{{EMP}} project.]] I will not fully describe it for fear of tempting the reckless, but I will state that it involved, among other things, a copper tube and a quantity of rock salt.''
-->-- '''[[GuileHero Quentyn]]''', narrating, ''Webcomic/TalesOfTheQuestor''

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->''"This ingredient [[LampshadeHanging is made of]] [[{{Pixellation}} blur]]. Hah.... And this has blur in it too. Blur is very dangerous. You don't want to mix blur with blur."''
-->-- '''Adam''', ''Series/{{Mythbusters}}''

-->-- '''Dr. Hare''', [[ The Creative Science Centre]]


-->-- '''Dr. Hare''', [[http://www.''[[ The Creative Science Centre]]Centre]]''

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