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''Whut in tarnation is this hyar about''? This hyar wiki is a catalog of th' tricks of th' trade fo' writin' fickshun.

{{Tropes}} is devices an' cornvenshuns thet a writer kin reasonably rely on as bein' present in th' audience members' minds an' 'specktashuns. On th' whole, tropes ain't [[{{Cliche}} clichés]]. Th' wo'd clichéd means "stereotyped an' trite." In other wo'ds, dull an' uninterestin'. We's not lookin' fo' dull an' uninterestin' intries. We's here t'reckanize tropes an' play wif them, not t'make fun of them, dawgone it.

Th' wiki is called "TV Tropes" on account o' TV is whar we started, cuss it all t' tarnation. On over th' course a few years, our scope done crepp out t'include udder media. Tropes transind tellyvishun. They refleck life. On account o' a lotta art, especially th' poppler arts, does its bess to refleck life, tropes is likely t'show up ev'rywhar.

Now, we's not one o' them stuffy, in-cycle-pedic wikis. We's more informal than a herd o' cattle on a bright summer's day, ah reckon. Y'all feel free t'talk as ya please; we ain't got no ban on origeenal thunk. [[Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability Thar's No Such Thin' As Notability]] round these parts, an' we don't have need fer any o' yer fancy citashuns, doggone it. If'n th' WikiMagic fails to rain on yer intry wif the evidence it needs, well that's a dern shame. 'Til then, though, ya'll can find whut ya need through th' [[{{Tropes}} Main Tropes Index]].

Howev'r, we's not one to tolerate smearin' cowdung all over thin's y'all don't care for. To ree'it'rate, we's about ''celebratin''' fickshun here, not showin' off how snide an' sarcastic y'all kin be.

But 'nuff about whut we's not. Git on, haf a look at th' [[Administrivia/WelcomeToTvTropes welcome page]], an' haf fun! [[Creator/LarryTheCableGuy Git-r-done!]]

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