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* It doesn't make sense that [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Kyosuke Nanbu]] should be the only person capable of effectively using the Alt Eisen, when other pilots like [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlphaGaiden Sanger Zonvolt]] and [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGenerationSteelDragonBattleGroup Kai Kitamura]] in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration'', with many more years of experience (and who helped ''invent mecha combat'' InUniverse) in a HumongousMecha, are just as capable, if not, better (game-play mechanics of swapping out characters into other mecha not withstanding). However, take into account the Alt is tailored for charging into enemy lines and blitz-type strategies, then consider its heavy weight due to armor and high acceleration. The machine is basically a high-risk, high-reward machine. Now [[ILikeThoseOdds recall]] [[MillionToOneChance what sort]] [[TheGambler of personality]] [[TheDeterminator Kyosuke has]].
* Upon closer inspection of the character designs for [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Excellen Browning and Einst Alfimi]], one can notice the top halves of their outfits bear a striking resemblance. [[Creator/YukoMizutani Since both characters share the same voice actress]], barring a case of TalkingToHimself, this was likely [[{{Foreshadowing}} the first clue as to]] [[CloningBlues what Alfimi is to Excellen]].

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