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''Heavens Above!'' is a 1963 British satirical comedy film starring Creator/PeterSellers.

Sellers plays the Reverend John Smallwood, a naive but caring prison chaplain who is accidentally assigned to a new parish as vicar to the small and prosperous country town in place of an upper-class cleric with the same name. He creates social ructions among the snobby population, and all his good works lead to trouble.
* ActorAllusion: At one point when Rev. Smallwood is preaching from the pulpit, a young boy is seen in the foreground reading a copy of Creator/VladimirNabokov's ''Literature/{{Lolita}}''. Smallwood's actor Peter Sellers played Quilty in Creator/StanleyKubrick's film version of that book.
* EitherOrTitle: One of the taglines for the film gives it the subtitle, "Or How a Humble Man of the Cloth Was Given the Old Double Cross."
* ExcitedShowTitle: ''Heavens Above'''!'''''
* OneSteveLimit: The cleric Rev. Smallwood is assigned in place of is also named Smallwood. To distinguish the two, the latter is called "the other Smallwood."

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