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* AdultFear: This film highlights a fairly common one for adoptive parents, having the birthparents come back to try to claim "their" baby.
* ArtisticLicenseGunSafety: The gun shop owner who sells Tim his gun encourages him to look down the barrel prior to purchase.

[[caption-width-right:214:A devoted father... a brutal killer]]


[[caption-width-right:214:A devoted father... a brutal killer]]killer.]]

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*NotQuiteDead: Only this time it's a villian who deals the "fatal" blow, not the hero. It appears that [[spoiler:Fay has killed Kevin by putting him in the trunk of her car and blowing it up, but during her final confrontation with Cheryl and Tim, Kevin shows up, badly burned but alive. He has one last confrontation with Fay and Cheryl before Fay delivers the final blow by shooting him to death.]]

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[[caption-width-right:214:A devoted father... a brutal killer]]
A 2012 Creator/TheAsylum film, Tim and Cheryl are happy when they adopt a little girl named Mona. As they begin to form a family bond with each other, Mona's biological father (Kevin) stalks them. Throughout the movie, Kevin attempts to take Mona back but is stopped by Tim and Cheryl. As this stalking becomes repetitive, they call the police but they have no answer for them. They are then determined to protect Mona from the terror that Kevin brings to them.

!Tropes in this movie:
* BabiesMakeEverythingBetter: Averted. Tim and Cheryl suffer a significant increase in strain in their marriage due to their new child, even before the biological father shows up and terrorizes them.
* DepartmentOfChildDisservices: Averted. Dr. Ziegler and the judge make very effort to follow the law in a way to facilitate Mona's adoption. Unfortunately, due to [[spoiler:Fay's inside role in the agency]], their attempts are compromised.
* GoodHairEvilHair: Kevin has classic slicked-back greaser hair.
* InspiredBy: The Asylum has no particular incident on which they base the "Based on True Events" label, but there have been cases of biological parents confronting the adoptive parents.
* TheMole: [[spoiler:Fay, their social worker,]] is feeding information to Kevin and attempting to engineer the failure of the adoption.
* RecklessGunUsage: Tim is not well-trained in usage of his gun. The one time that he shoots it, he closes his eyes and fires blindly. Overlaps with ArtisticLicenseGunSafety in that the man selling him the gun encourages Tim to look down the barrel prior to purchase.
* UnflinchingWalk: After [[spoiler:Fay]] sets fire to the car, she calmly walks away as it explodes behind her.
* WrongfulAccusationInsurance: Averted. At the end of the film, the police inform the Broadbents that everything looks like they're innocent, but with four bodies, including two police officers, they have to put them under arrest anyhow.

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