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History Fanfic / TheRemnantsOfMobotropolis

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* GarbageHideout:

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* AfterTheEnd:

* AbsenteeActor: Surprisingly, Sonic doesn't appear.

* IronWoobie: Tails.


* IronWoobie: Tails.MinimalistCast: Only Tails, Mighty and Matilda, along with a couple make appearances.

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* SceneryGorn: Mobotropolis
* TheGhost: Tails' parents are mentioned at the beginning, and Maximillian Acorn appears as a statue. It's also stated by Tails there is around 50 people left in Mobotropolis.

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[[ The Remnants of Mobotropolis]] is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan-fiction written by TV Tropes user Shadowboxer2005, who also wrote [[Fanfic/LegendsOfSonic Legends of Sonic]]. The series follows from Tails' Point-of-View (POV), as he tries to survive in the ruins of Mobotropolis.

!!Tropes seen in "The Remnants of Mobotropolis"
* AdaptationalBackstoryChange:
* AlternateUniverseFic:
* DarkerAndEdgier: More like Darker and Depressinger
* DownerBeginning: You know things are going to be depressing when the entire opening narration is about how unlivable Mobotropolis is after Robotnik took over.
* GhostCity: Mobotropolis, it was once a flourishing city, but is now just a shell of its former self.
* IMissMom: While it isn't stated, we're pretty sure Tails would be missing his mother.
* IronWoobie: Tails.
* MyParentsAreDead: Tails' parents to an extent, though technically they're still alive.
* RayOfHopeEnding: While only one-chapter is posted, it does have a somewhat happy ending.
* WatchingTroyBurn: Tails watches as Mobotropolis [[spoiler:simply becomes a ghost town, with only 50 people]].
* UnwillingRoboticisation:

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