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* BoobsOfSteel: Subverted. While she's discribed as one of the physically stronger females, Canon and fanartists mostly draw her with average chest and opt for HartmanHips instead.


* BoobsOfSteel: Subverted. While she's discribed as one of the physically stronger females, Canon canon and fanartists mostly draw her with average chest and opt for HartmanHips instead.

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[[folder:Socialist Republic of Vietnam]]
-->''"A photo with me...? I'm not photogenic, and it's embarrassing."''
* AloofDarkHairedGirl: Sometimes portrayed like this in fanart, specially if it also features [[{{Moe}} Taiwan]]. The most recent manga also makes her look very pretty and a little aloof when in her [[ áo dài]].
* AsianAndNerdy: [[GamerChick A gamer]], indeed. She was showed playing ''Uncharted 3'' in a [[ recent sketch on Himaruya's blog ]].
* BadassAdorable
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Based on [[ her true history]], we know that many powerful forces such as America, China, France, Mongolia Empire, etc. have learnt their lesson.
* [[{{CoolBigSis}} Big Sis]]/ TeamMom: She is often portrayed like that to other Asian-tans besides TeamDad China by fandom.
** Seems to live up to this during the 2011 Christmas event where she takes charge of the girls' meeting.
* BoobsOfSteel: Subverted. While she's discribed as one of the physically stronger females, Canon and fanartists mostly draw her with average chest and opt for HartmanHips instead.
* BrainyBrunette: According to WordOfGod.
-->''She's been using her natural creative skillfulness in building new things.''
* BunnyEarsLawyer: She may have been hinted to be this during the Halloween Event where she shows up dressed as [[ Vietnamese robot Topio]]. [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments And wins.]]
* ComicallySerious
* TheCutie: Her appearance. Approved by Taiwan and the author's description of her profile.
* DarkAndTroubledPast
--> ''She has a rough background, so despite [[{{Moe}} her cute face]], [[PluckyGirl this girl is pretty darn tough!]]'
* DefeatByModesty: She is not happy during the 2013 Halloween event when Taiwan makes the skirt of her costume shorter than what she's comfortable with.
* FlowerInHerHair: She's sometimes drawn with [[HairDecorations flowers in her ponytail]].
** Or a ribbon in the fifth volume.
* FlowerMotifs: Fanon loves to draw her with lotuses, which do show up in some of the illustrations she's in from time to time.
* HartmanHips / SexySantaDress: One of Himaruya's Christmas sketches [[ gives her a rather large butt.]]
** ShesGotLegs: Look at "DefeatByModesty"
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Often in fanart and fanfiction, Vietnam becomes the ''only one'' (besides Belarus) who admires Russia as the nicest person and wants to be like him.
* ImNotPretty: According to herself. Taiwan disagrees.
-->'''Taiwan''': It's okay, Vietnam's a cutie!
* ImprobableWeaponUser: In [[ this sketch]] on Himaruya's blog, Vietnam is shown with her rice paddle in a military uniform.
* {{Joshikousei}}: During the 2011 Christmas event, she's shown wearing the same more sailor style of uniform that Taiwan sports in Gakuen art.
* KimonoFanService: In the Halloween event 2013, she wears [[ShesGotLegs a short kimono]] which was made by Taiwan.
* LadyOfWar: A popular {{fanon}} depiction, which is supported by Himaruya's description of her.
* {{Meido}}: Jossed. She was featured dressed as one in a very old sketch on Himaruya's blog (which many people mistook as a design for a Philippines), and it was not revealed that that was her until years later. However, that design seems to have been completely thrown out.
** Played straight again as one of her Halloween outfits in a 2014 sketch.
* NiceHat: Nice ''leaf'' hat (nón lá), indeed.
** And another NiceHat in her military uniform.
* PluckyGirl: According to her profile.
-->''A very headstrong woman in an áo dài! There are many strong women in her history!''
* TheStoic: While not to PerpetualFrowner levels, [[EmotionlessGirl she has to ask Thailand to teach her how to smile]].
** NotSoStoic: [[LuminescentBlush Blushes intensely]] when checking on some photos in the manga.
* ShrinkingViolet: "Humble and shy" according to her profile in Volume 5.
* ShyBlueHairedGirl: Though Vietnam's hair is dark brown, she fits this trope as she usually gets embarrassed and blushes easily.
* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to Taiwan's red.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: Has an aloof appearance and seems to be a generally quiet girl, but has also shown signs of shyness and HeroicSelfDeprecation. This peaks in the 2013 Halloween event, since she's '''extremely''' flustered when she wears one of Taiwan's outfits and it turns out to be a bit too skimpy for her taste.
* {{Tsundere}}: By the fandom. Especially when she's paired with America, China or France. If it's [[NiceGuy Thai]][[BoyNextDoor land]] or [[LesYay Taiwan]]? Scratch out "Tsun" and make her 100% "Dere".
** More proof in the Halloween event 2013. Vietnam [[ZettaiRyouiki wears a]] [[KimonoFanService short kimono]] with GirlishPigtails and her attitude towards Taiwan. All things make her fits this trope perfectly.
* TomboyishPonytail: Sometimes, it varies from picture to picture. Sometimes they even resemble a HimeCut.
** LettingHerHairDown: In the 2013 Halloween event.
* {{Tomboy}}: Yup. With Taiwan, they become TomboyAndGirlyGirl. [[ Especially in the manga.]] They're also [[SavvyGuyEnergeticGirl Savvy Tomboy, Energetic Girly Girl.]] An interesting case is that their personality seem to be opposite.
** The 2011 Bloodbath also added more hints when she dressed in a more masculine way than the other females when in casual clothing.
* WhenSheSmiles: [[ Happens in a recent blog post]], and it's absolutely adorable.
** After she sees Thailand wearing a bunny shirt she is mix of this and when she laughs.
* WomanInWhite: Her ao dai is occasionally colored this way in fanart. Himaruya even mentioned in a blog entry before he gave her official coloring that he had been considering making it white.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade A in her 2013 Halloween costume. Possibly Grade S with her hair in GirlishPigtails if you see her interactions with Taiwan as {{Tsundere}}.


[[folder:Kingdom of Thailand]]
->''"Yes of course! Your smile will surely be wonderful."''
* AnimeHair
* BareFistedMonk: In {{Fanon}}, due to Thailand being the "home" of the very brutal fighting style known as [[ Muay Thai]].
* BigLittleBrother: Played with, as out of all China's "siblings," he's the only one that seems to have no blood relation to China.
* TheBeastMaster: Has a pet elephant named Toto, whom he dotes on like crazy.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: According to what [[WordOfGod Himaruya]] once wrote in his blog, only 99% of him is calm.
* TheBigGuy: His official height isn't given, but he's certainly taller than China (who is 169 centimeters tall).
* CloudCuckooLander: Said to be very absent-minded by WordOfGod.
** In the Manga/HetaliaBloodbath2010 [[ he looks]] ''way'' too happy despite being [[NakedPeopleAreFunny buttnaked]] [[spoiler: [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt and in mortal danger]]]].
* FunPersonified[=/=]NiceGuy: The doodles where he's appeared have him always smiling and acting cheerful. His original profile says he gets along with people easily and is never in a hurry.
* TheDeterminator[=/=]GuileHero: When he ''does'' make a decision or wants something, however, he can be pretty tricky and stubborn. Possibly comes from the fact that [[ the Kingdom of Thailand]] was the only territory in the South East of Asia that retained its independence during the European colonization.
* HeavySleeper: Possibly. He's shown sleeping during the commotion of the 2011 April Fool's event. Then again, given his attitude, he probably didn't care anyway.
* KnifeNut: Carries one on this page picture. It seems to be a ''Lai Thai'' carving knife.
* MaleFrontalNudity: Subverted in Bloodbath 2010 as [[SceneryCensor the frame "blocked" him from his waist down]] so we don't know if he's naked or just shirtless.
* ManInWhite: As seen above.
* NonHumanSidekick: His elephant Toto, and judging from [[ this strip]], it appears to be a girl! ([[TertiarySexualCharacteristics Judging from her eyelashes]]).
* OnlySixFaces: People used to mistake him with Austria until some point out [[ this]]. Play more straight with [[PaletteSwap Denmark]] who he is just a different hair color version of. [[ Just look at this when they actually interact each other]].
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Patthai.
* PerpetualSmiler: [[ He even teaches Vietnam how to smile]].
* SupremeChef:
--> "If he cooks it's always something [[SweetTooth really sweet]] or [[FireBreathingDiner really spicy]]. The cooking itself is very delicious."
* ShonenHair: Same as Denmark's.
* VerbalTic: "Ana~," according to said doodles.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: In fanon. Either used as a disguise or as an analogy to the [[ Kathoey]] concept.
** On the flipside, he has plenty of [[MrFanservice Manly]] fanon too.

[[folder:Republic of India]]
->''I wanted to do something magnificent for Halloween!''

->Voiced by: Masahisa Sogabe (JP), T.K. Masala (EN)

* AsianAndNerdy: According to his profile he's good with numbers and logical thinking.
** BollywoodNerd
* BigOlEyebrows: Only slightly bigger than normal, a lot closer to Hong Kong's "curse." Though like Korea's, they may be unrelated to England's.
* DanceOfRomance: How a part of the fandom ''immediately'' interpreted his and [[spoiler: Prussia]]'s [[HoYay dancing scene]] in ''Manga/{{Hetaween 2011}}''.
* FacialMarkings: His [[ tilaka]].
* GentlemanAndAScholar: His character profile describes him of having a "princely aura", as well as being GoodWithNumbers and having a sensible character.
* NiceGuy: Aside of the awesome entry he got, he shows genuine concern for Prussia [[spoiler: after he's "suplexed" by Germany.]]
* PrincelyYoungMan: "A guy with an extraordinary 'prince aura' flowing out of him".
* RollOutTheRedCarpet: And not only that, [[BigEntrance he makes a first appearance]] [[LargeHam worthy of a king]], surrounded [[ChickMagnet by beautiful women]] and [[EverythingsBetterWithSparkles sparkles everywhere]]. Fans were quick to point out that it reminded them of [[UsefulNotes/{{Bollywood}} something very appropriate for the country]].
* SharpDressedMan: How he's dressed in ''Manga/{{Hetaween 2011}}''.
* SpontaneousChoreography: Seems to be really good at pulling those.
-->'''Spain:''' What is this? Is just like a UsefulNotes/{{Bollywood}} movie.
* SpotOfTea: One piece of official art has him holding a teacup.
* TallDarkAndHandsome


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