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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Morgan Wick: Ununnilium took Superman being "arguably the inspiration for most of the other examples" and added a qualifier making it most of the other DCU examples, which is so obvious to not even warrant mentioning.

It seems to me that Superman is prominent enough in pop culture that I would suspect at least some connection for the modern non-DCU examples, if they aren't outright homages to the Man of Steel.

Ununnilium: Good point. At the very least, I'd count anyone that comes from a made-uninhabitable planet to be so inspired.

Ununnilium: ...okay that's weird. I was just reading The Magician's Nephew last night to my little brother, and was going to come on and post the Jadis example, when I find someone's beaten me to it. @@v

Citizen: Oops, already created Last of Their Kind as a redirect, but anyone feel like asking that page to be deleted and then renaming this page to that one?

Red Shoe: You can't be the "Last of Their Kind", because "Their" is plural, and if there's a plurality, you're not last. Also, it sounds really awkward.

Robert: 'Their' has been used as a gender neutral singular pronoun for centuries by even the best writers. 'Last of their kind' also sounds more natural than the 'last of his, her, or its kind'.

Fast Eddie: Yup. Even us Amurricans has gots to admit that them there "theirs" can be all single-like.

Ununnilium: Indeed. Works for me.

Citizen: Not to mention you can still have a small group who together represent... the last of their kind. Is there any desire to move the content to Last of Their Kind and make this page the redirect?

Seth: Nah leave that as the redirect since this is the page everyone knows.

Ununnilium: I disagree. This is actually a move I support.

Red Shoe: And I disagree with the disagreement. I think "of his kind" scans better.

Sabel4: Uh, R. Daneel Olivaw doesn't count. There are other robots under his command. Like Dors Venabli in Forward the Foundation and Prelude to Foundation. They're only lost technology to humans.

Ununnilium: I've never actually read the later Foundation books, so feel free to edit for accuracy.

SynjoDeonecros: Deleted the Beast Wars example, as it was clearly stated upon Ravage's introduction that he was not the only Decepticon to survive, merely the only one (known to the Maximals) to have been reformatted as a Predacon; the rest were granted amnesty and retired.

Blunderbuss: Deleted the Fullmetal Alchemist manga example, as Scar is not the last of his kind, nor are there 'only a few' Ishbalans left in the Xerxes ruins (which disqualifies it anyway). Scar stayed with some Ishbalan refugees in a moderately large slum, plus there's plenty of references of Ishbalans being scattered in slums and suchlike across the country - hell, there's a character who's grandfather was Ishbalan and he still looks like a full-blooded Ishbalan. There's a lot less of them, definately, but still enough of them around.


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