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Ununnilium: Why is the Deus Ex one "surely unintentional"?

Being X: i don't know, but it sure made me laugh, i should get that game

Mister Six: "The Japanese release of the survival horror classic "Silent Hill" featured enemies that resembled children with a hole where their face should be." - weren't the children actually little foetuses with knives, symbolic of the main character's daughter?

Schrau: Apparently, though this is only sourced in reviews, Bio Shock no longer shows you the consequences of killing the Little Sisters. You can either remove the parasite from them, or kill them which happens off screen, leaving no body.

I read in an article that the killing/freeing of the Little Sisters is done offscreen so that players won't be grossed out by (or enjoy) the gore. Because the action happens offscreen, it doesn't factor into your decision. You have to rely on your own moral sense and strategy to decide whether to kill or save them. In other words, the article didn't mention anything about Media Watchdogs. —Listen 2 Reason

Kizor: I saw on my oversized TFT screen that at least freeing the Little Sisters is shown on-screen, but covered by a white flash. I'm told killing them gives a green flash.

Skald359: I'm surprised the child soldier scene in Drakengard is mentioned, but not the off-screen scene with Leonard and Arioch with the refugees. I got a few chills when I heard Leonard saying 'Arioch? I can't hear the children. Arioch?', followed by laughter.

Kilyle: So... the absence of children in World of Warcraft isn't due to this, given that there are children, then? Any clue why there are only human and orc children, and no children of the other races?
Bob: Cut a hotlinked image.

    link saved here in case someone want to upload it properly. 

Master Hand: I find the new picture very ironic when, shortly down the page, it says: "All of The Elder Scrolls games..."

Johnny E: Anyone know if that absurdly controversial Modern Warfare 2 civvie-killing level has kids in it? It's in an airport, so if not, a good example of this and a big kick in the teeth to its Refuge in Audacity. Or, you know, a sign that the developers have souls...


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