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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Working Title: The Kimberly - A Rewrite: From YKTTW

Zeke: Gotta say, if the goal of this rename was to stop referring to a specific character, somebody didn't think it all the way through.

Hey, can someone SOURCE the bella swan quote?

Rebochan: This trope just appears to be Distressed Damsel But More So. And with an open invitation for character bashing.

Red Viking: Then it is a subjective trope. There is a difference between a Distressed Damsel and a Damsel Scrappy, same as how there's a difference between And Now for Someone Completely Different and a Replacement Scrappy. Besides, cutting this trope is going to create a lot of red links.

Madrugada This a a Combo Platter trope, but a trope in its own right. Take The Scrappy and give her the role of Distressed Damsel, and you have a Damsel Scrappy. Analogy: Take a hot dog. That's one food. Take chili-and-cheese, that's another food. Put them together and you have a chili-cheese dog. It's a third thing that isn't purely either one of the component parts. This is a chili-cheese dog. It's not just a hot dog, and it's not just chili-and-cheese.

Rebochan: I don't see why you have to make a separate type of Scrappy for something this narrow. A Replacement Scrappy makes sense - a replacement character that didn't go over well. You know, Cousin Oliver Syndrome with a TV Tropes friendly name. This one is just "They get kidnapped. AND I HATE HER."

Wyvernil: Originally, this page didn't seem to have much of a difference from Too Dumb to Live - it seemed like a case of "Complaining About Characters You Don't Like". The rewritten version attempted to distill the concept into a sort of crossroads of Distressed Damsel and The Load - a character which is disliked for being both unlikeable and useless, seeming to have the sole purpose of getting into trouble to facilitate a Distressed Damsel plot.


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