Reviews: Nagasarete Airantou

  • EHK
  • 4th Oct 11
  • 0

Very Refreshing Take the Harem Genre*

The series sounds pretty formulaic at first an; Accidental Pervert who doesn't want the girls attention washes up on an island filled with innocent fanservice girls where he is the only male. Your basic harem genre albeit with a unique setting.

Where this series sets itself apart is with it's characters and its setting. First the girls though, there is not a single Shallow Love Interest nor a tsundere* in sight. Every single girl has a life outside of their crush on Ikuto. They also have fun and unique personalities not based on people from other series, and they have very consistent characterization. The series also shows really well that they all are good friends, and while they prank and compete with each other it's all done with love, and there is no bad feelings between them. Even in their "competition" for Ikuto.

Ikuto himself is a nice change of pace because of how proactive he is as a Harem Hero. He always goes and confronts his problems head on. He has his own rules that he lives by and he sticks to them. Mind you sometimes they are openly dumb like insisting on protecting the girls in the cast, when nearly all of them are faster, stronger, or have some sort of powers. He is at least his own person too with his faults and good points. Like everyone.

Then there are the animals, youkai, and adults in the cast. They all have their own motivations and other aspects to them. They add to it and show up enough to matter but not overshadow the main cast.

The setting is an Island of Adventure. As I mentioned earlier there are Talking Animals and Youkai on the island. They have their own system of running the island Masters for each Cardinal direction, and humans live under their rule. Frequently the story is about the fantastic elements of the island and magic rather than simple harem hijinks. They will also combine the two parts frequently it's a nice blending.

The series does have its problems; I'm not a huge fan of the amount of fanservice, Ikuto's constant nosebleeds get on my nerves, and a few other little things, but over all this is a very fun series. Well worth ones time to read if you want a good comedy with some romance.