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Reviews Comments: One of the best thrill rides around. Revolution whole series review by Dark Literati

Ever since it was first announced, RVN has received more than a substantial Hatedom, with said anti-fen being particularly prone to criticizing its premise, its writing, its acting, etc. Here I present counter-points to those arguments:

  • Premise. Power goes out and can't turn back on, and how it affects the human race as a result. Excellent mind-food for sci-fi lovers. People say it is scientifically unfeasible, but then it's called science fiction for a reason.
  • Writing. When Eric Kripke writes things, they're actually good. It's not quite as good as, say, Last Resort, but by no means is it unwatchable dreck. All the characters are very well-characterized (my personal favorite being Aaron). The one flaw I will accept is the fact that some bright-spark writer insisted on pulling...something...way too early. Like, episode 4 early. (I won't spoil the surprise, but let's just say it would have been better to do this in the season finale.)
  • Acting. For some reason, belittling the acting skills of this show's stars (but especially young actors Tracy Spiridakos and Graham Rogers) is about as fashionable as hating on Nickelback. Even on this very wiki, the two Matheson siblings are consistently accused of Dull Surprise (which does happen, yes, but not as frequently as you would think), and Danny in particular is called "flat-lined" (or something similar.) Spiridakos and Rogers, while very understated, are far better actors than most people give them credit for. At least they aren't excessively hammy or narm-tastic like many actors on popular shows (I'm looking at you, cast of Mad Men!)

And besides, when the show is created by Eric Kripke and produced by Jon Favreau and JJ Abrams (plus the rest of the Bad Robot production posse), well, you really can't go wrong here.

RVN goes highly recommended, and as long as you remember to lose yourself in the action and conspiracy (while still paying attention to anything and everything), no doubt it'll become one of your favorites.


  • TiggersAreGreat
  • 23rd Jul 13
Well said, my friend, well said! I would like to thank you for being the most fair-minded reviewer I have seen with Revolution!

I came across this interesting link where Eric Kripke talks about the first season. Beware of spoilers and tl;dr.

Eric Kripke admits that the first season has a lot of flaws in it, and that he has no one to blame but himself for that.

  1. He thought that season 1 would be about the search for Danny Matheson and that's it. He was trying to imitate what he did with Supernatural, but it backfired when he realized nobody was buying it. So he had to retool the show and fast halfway through the season.
  2. If the writing felt haphazard, that's because it was. Kripke more or less says that he was Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants. That's not a bad thing, but the downside was that it created a number of Plot Holes.
  3. Oh, and Kripke has made it clear that the power will be turned off again and it will stay off, which will maintain the premise. The cities Philadelphia and Atlanta will be blown up. Three months will go by and Team Matheson will settle in a town. In other words, it will be able to focus on the characters, their relationships and world-building. After all, Sebastian Monroe is still a villain and the protagonists are still struggling to figure out how to be a family. In short, a lot of storylines have not been wrapped up by a long shot.

By the way, Kripke is bringing in his old friend and fellow Supernatural writer, Ben Edlund to help him out. I choose to be hopeful that the second season will be better than the first. <Applause>
  • DarkLiterati
  • 24th Jul 13
Oh no, Mrs. Neville didn't get spared after all! (Well, that depends on where she was at in the finale, which wasn't made all that clear.) Best thing about that link: the whole bit about THEY ARE NOT AMERICA. Jericho 2.0, here we come!
  • muddycurve424
  • 19th Feb 14
I wanted to like the show. I really really did. The writers, the directors, the cast, the story...everything was fantastic. Then Mitchel came on board. I can't stand her acting. The way her lip quivers with suppressed emotion, always on the verge of some sort of "I'm so sad I can't help but smile" ploy for sympathy smile. She killed the show for me, I just could not force myself through the scenes she was in. The kids were great, and they felt like brother and sister. She did not have any sort of connection to them that I could see, even if you argue that how could she have a connection when she's been gone so long, it still doesn't ring true. Imagine if someone like Lena Headey had played the role instead. She's believable as a mother with a complicated relalationship with her offspring
  • tricksterson
  • 15th Mar 14
I think Spiridalos' acting has improved measurably and since Danny died his acting is better than it was too.

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