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Reviews Comments: A Base Breaker in serial form Bleach whole series review by Serocco

It definitely has its good aspects, from well-executed Character Development and unique takes on archetypes, to well-choreographed fight scenes and interesting abilities. It's bad parts? Often times, the characters' development as characters are shafted or delayed, to the point where it comes off as Character Derailment.

As an example, Zommari Rureaux first appeared as a calm, silent assassin of sorts, who had something of a pride issue, but none to different from his opponent. Once he went One Winged Angel, he devolved into a loud-mouthed Large Ham that panicked at the first sign of losing momentum. Sosuke Aizen, the Big Bad, went from a calculating, resourceful tactician, into a Smug Snake that gave all of his smarts up for raw power, and went into a similarly whiny Villainous Breakdown. Yasutora Sado went from a calm, quiet Gentle Giant into a Satellite Character whose utterly dependent on, and obsessed with pleasing, the main character. Orihime Inoue has a crush on the main character, but she's almost always shafted as a fighter, and her priorities often switch from "do this myself" to "must please love interest". A large majority of tertiary characters have personalities, but nothing really solid in the depth or development issue (most of the Fraccion and the Lieutenants).

It dragged on a lot back in the day, but it seems to have picked up the pace in the latest manga arc. For example, three simultaneous story arcs (Hueco Mundo, Fake Karakura and Deicide), collectively taking up less than five years real-time and comprised of over 300 chapters, were all set a single day. The current arc went through six days in-universe, 40 chapters real-time. Certain characters have even went through some change in personalities, like Hitsugaya becoming more mature and collected, or Byakuya showing an honorable side as a fighter.

Another major critique is the bad placement of music themes in the anime; it's so bad that it can kill the atmosphere of a scene because of it. For example, Episode 349 is one of the few times where the music fits perfectly, in each scene, but the following episode is... far less worthy of such praise.


  • marcellX
  • 6th Oct 11
One could argue that Aizen acted this way since for the first time in his life something didn't go according to plan specially since he didn't expect Ichigo to overpower him given that he used to be so much powerful than him normally (without having the level up every 10 minutes device), and even if fast he changed gradually, from assuming "oh so you sacrificed everything for raw physical power" to arrogance "thinking the mountain disintegration most had been him" to anger "you can't be more powerful than me" to bargain "well I just went another level so now I'm stronger than you" to desperation "how can you still be stronger". Zommari is a no brainer, he did do a complete change all of the sudden, I was waiting for Byakuran to finally battle someone as cool and collected as himself, hopefully Tsukishima will fulfill that battle, even when it'll probably be short.
  • Serocco
  • 10th Oct 11
With Aizen, I think he should've been presented as a more straight-up Smug Snake from the get-go. Terumi is a Smug Snake, even in name, but he's one of the most competent video game villains in recent memory. If he ever lost, he would've either panicked, or went through a calmer Villianous Breakdown. Aizen should've gone through that, and his Sanity Slippage should've been presented better. For example, Tsukishima went Not So Stoic four different times, so the idea of a guy like him panicking through facial expressions is a concept I can sit through.

It wasn't just Zommari that went through Character Derailment. Kutsuzawa went through the same thing, in nearly the exact same way - seemed collected and stoic, but went Drunk With Power and became a Large Ham. Yukio almost went through the same - calm and snarky in most of his previous appearances, but power-hungry (literally), prideful and condescending in all of the rest.

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