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02:06:32 PM Sep 15th 2017
I've been thinking that since Lindsay's phased out the Nostalgia Chick line and seems to be continuing to make videos under her own name, there should probably be a split off for a new page for just "Lindsay Ellis", shouldn't there?
10:25:40 PM Sep 21st 2017
edited by RaspyGulp
is it possible to change the name of the page altogether?
10:46:59 AM Sep 25th 2017
I was just thinking that since Lindsay's trying to distance herself from the Nostalgia Chick brand and do her own thing under her name, it would make just more sense to split it than rename everything.

Like, keep this Nostalgia Chick page as its own thing for its own work, and form a new page for Lindsay Ellis that's more specifically about her self-titled things (Loose Canon, The Whole Plate, her various uncategorized film essays etc.) and transfer appropriate entires into that, similar to Doug Walker's page and Nostalgia Critic.
01:33:31 PM Jun 18th 2012
Can we get a better picture of Ms. Ellis for the page?

The resolution is all blurry... There are much better pictures out there to use... For example, her Blip icon.
01:42:33 PM Jun 18th 2012
Changed. I'll come up with a better caption later.
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