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02:04:04 PM Sep 14th 2013
Hi folks I need a bit of help with an example(s) from a Special Efforts thread. See InstantDeathBullet Sandbox for more details Links to threads are in the description.

Any help, suggestions, or other info can be posted to The Special Efforts thread

The examples shown here could perhaps be salvaged with more context or used in other tropes.

What game mechanics, if any, make instant death possible with these games? Please be specific. For example weapons, hit locations, critical damage, direct one shot one kill weapons (like the Golden Gun in Golden Eye)

Does an Instant Death Bullet Occur in cut scenes, gameplay, or anywhere else in the game?

  • Averted in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors in the "Safe" ending Snake takes 6 revolver bullets from Ace and its still capable of holding him down to the point they both die...INSIDE A FUCKING INCINERATOR
05:48:05 AM Nov 2nd 2012
Who decided this page would be a great page to put spoilers for Virtue's Last Reward integrated into the spoilers for 999

own up

I'd like to invite you to play a game.
11:36:59 PM Sep 16th 2012
edited by Nohbody
Changes made in my Sept 17 edits: Example Indentation, Word Cruft and Natter removal.

The following I removed from the Hollywood Hacking example, but I'm including it here if someone familiar with the work could make it into something that fits TV Tropes guidelines.

** It does avert it from time to time - such as in the HollywoodHacking aversion above, where Junpei just watches while [[spoiler:Lotus]] does the work. Further averted, because [[spoiler:in many cases, multiple failures to find the correct solution to a puzzle or the right piece of evidence will cause characters to give you more and more of the answer, until they practically solve it for you. In some cases, the character giving the hints will be Junpei ''himself''.]]
*** [[spoiler: Actually it's Akane nine years in the past sending Junpei the answers. You're still doing the work.]]
*** Justified: [[spoiler:Ace knows all the answers as the CEO of the company that set up the first Nonary Project, but doesn't want to blow his cover. Same thing with June and Santa and possibly Seven, but from the opposite side. Snake can only hint towards answers thanks to Zero's warning, and Clover is only in the same party with Junpei after "Snake" dies, and is therefore understandably depressed for the most part. The only one who is totally out of the loop is Lotus, who is also the only one to really help with anything.]]
06:02:10 AM Jun 24th 2012
Just a question... I've read that there is a room in the library that you can't get out of if you manage to find it. Where is it? I finished the game but can't find it.
05:49:01 PM Mar 28th 2012
Since VLR is likely to be even more trope-heavy than 999, and for the sake of avoiding spoilers, we should probably split the page now into a 999 page and a VLR page. If there are no objections, I'll do it in a few days.
05:19:00 AM Mar 29th 2012
I concur. There are already spoiler edits popping up for it that appears visible when editing/browsing history for this page. VLR should get it's own page ASAP so people can look at the 999 pages safely without risking spoilers for VLR.
08:54:49 AM Mar 29th 2012
I agree completely.
06:50:39 PM Mar 30th 2012
Yes. Discussions are already up on Court Records and Neo Gaf about being spoiled here. Best to spare future readers.

11:06:29 AM Mar 31st 2012
And done. I put in a request to have the VLR wiki word display the apostrophe (eg. Virtue's Last Reward, not Virtues Last Reward); I'm guessing that'll also get the page name fixed, but if it doesn't, does anyone know how to go about editing page names to have punctuation?
02:46:54 PM Feb 29th 2012
The series is now officially named "Zero Escape" (on this side of the Pacific), so could somebody with the know-how make Zero Escape a redirect?
09:20:36 AM Apr 3rd 2012
07:05:02 PM Dec 15th 2011
Ok, a full twelve-minute anime intro for Good People Die is now up on Youtube. It reveals a few key facts about the sequel, so I'm wondering if I should spoiler the new info revealed? I'm new here, forgive me.
02:13:17 PM Feb 29th 2012
edited by Arutoa

Disregard this, meant to post as new topic.
12:58:18 PM Nov 24th 2011
If anyone's interested, you can audtion for a fandub of this game here:
04:59:29 AM Sep 26th 2011
edited by TheNamelessBox
Please ignore this.
10:46:38 PM Sep 20th 2011
edited by ergeis
Something to think about. I just saw the names listed in the trailer, which by the way appear to be actual names of thought experiments (half of them, at least). I thought I'd list them here so we can make guesses about the game's theme:

  • Manned expedition
  • Pandemic
  • Chinese room
  • Antimatter bomb
  • Special agency of the Department of Defense
  • Prisoner's dilemma
  • Tu fui, ego eris
  • Accela Building
  • AB Project
  • General Purpose Autonomous-Type Labor Electrogolem
  • Ambidex room
  • Ice9
  • Counter-Extinction Agency
  • GLTM-KM 506
  • Rhizome_9
  • Schrödinger's cat
  • Radical 6
  • Three Laws of Robotics
  • Clay dolls
  • Blood-smeared Moon

Speculate away.
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