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09:46:26 AM Nov 18th 2014
Er, would it be accurate of me to add a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds entry with Orphan's name on it? I mean, by all means, I get we're not supposed to feel bad about kicking its ass, but word for word, this creature was trapped in an alternate dimension for... years. The whole time it was awake but unable to act, being used as a living battery to keep a city of men afloat. Does that qualify? I ask because I'd prefer not to edit it in only to have made a bad judgment.
02:28:05 PM Jun 21st 2012
The main page is covered in examples that are nothing but spoiler tags. Someone a little more intimately familiar with the game than me might want to clean it up.
10:07:06 AM Feb 3rd 2011
edited by MasterOfMankind
A sequel has been announced. Somebody should probably make a point of mentioning it. I'd edit the article myself with an obligatory link to the trailer on Youtube, but text formatting scares me. Looks like Lightning is now a Knight in Shining Armor ... it suits her.
10:19:17 AM Feb 3rd 2011
it's already been mentioned and a link directs to the sequel's page
10:19:46 AM Feb 3rd 2011
The sequel already has its own page, actually.
03:09:04 PM Jun 28th 2010
Does Vanille really count as a Game-Breaker? Yeah, Poison/Gestalt is effective, but unless you have a supply of Ether and Ethersol, it's not really a strategy you can rely on to get you through the game especially since a lot of the tougher enemies are immune to Poison.

As for Death... Well, it's supposed to cause instant death. Given that it has a fairly low chance of actually doing so, even with all the boosts you can give it, I'd hardly consider it gamebreakingly powerful. And again, many enemies are immune. Useful spell, sure, but not a Game-Breaker.

Unless someone makes an argument, I'll remove the example.
01:58:10 PM Jul 4th 2010
One of the things that I happen to really like about Final Fantasy 13 relative to oh, say, Final Fantasy 6 is that there seems to be a noticeable dearth of Game Breakers in the former. Say what you will about the game, but 13 is probably the most balanced game in the series - you almost never feel overpowered at any point while playing normally, but unlike FF 8 with its level scaling, you still enjoy a sense of progression and power growth regardless. It's extremely difficult to cheese your way through, say, Shaolong Gui, Long Gui, Vercingetorix, Neo Ochu (sans Death) and Gigantuar. As far as exploits are concerned, this game is bractically a barren desert...which is kind of refreshing, actually, though whether or not the lack of exploitability is a bad thing falls into Your Mileage May Vary territory.

Also, I noticed somebody changed the caption for Sazh from Token Minority to Only Sane Man. Good call. I was the one who originally (albeit tentatively) labeled him as a token minority, but Sane Man fits him much better, given his role in the plot.
06:58:16 AM Jun 14th 2010
Wait, Nintendo Hard? Seriously? If this game is Nintendo Hard, then we need a new category for games like the original Super Mario Bros. and Double Dragon, because it's not even close to in the same league.

A little challenge or fake difficulty does not make a game Nintendo Hard.
07:56:02 AM Jun 9th 2010
Is it just me or does Nabaat look a LOT like Sandra Bullock? That scene in the amusement park with Sazh and Vanille had me doing crazy double takes. Not sure what trope fits this, not Ink-Suit Actor because it's not really Bullock doing the voice.
01:21:21 AM May 21st 2010
I've never played the game, but it annoys me that apparently you aren't allowed to dislike it. Possibly valid criticisms are just dismissed out of hand as "fan dumb" or "they changed it, now it sucks". Final Fantasy changes every game. Did you ever consider that fans do not dislike change, given that the series is based around it? And that they may dislike it not because it isn't (insert previous game here), but because they just dislike it?
07:03:23 AM May 21st 2010
Fan Dumb and related "tropes" are supposed to be example-less, both on and off their main page. So you can safely remove that whenever you see it. In fact, I shall do that now.

As to They Changed It, Now It Sucks, I think there is some element of that, but not as much as people think. However, simply having it on the page is not accusing everyone who disliked the game of being Fan Dumb. Additionally, adding Natter to the main page is not the way to address the problem. The proper channel is to discuss it here, on the discussion page, or to remove it and then discuss it. The page is not a forum and Natter shouldn't ever be on it.
07:04:26 AM May 21st 2010
The page will get overrun with people complaining about this and that and "lol shitsux" if it's not kept somewhat neutral. This is a page about a Final Fantasy game, you know. Besides, complaining is what the Just Bugs Me page is for.
08:00:43 AM Jun 1st 2010
12:01:28 PM Jun 1st 2010
Really? As far as I've seen, you're not allowed to like it. Or its predecessor. The last two Final Fantasy games seem to have acquired a disproportionate Hatedom, and if you're not part of it, God help you.
05:48:13 AM Apr 4th 2010
Removed Hope's boomerang entry for Fridge Logic, the first boomerang and Vanille's first... antler are found at the Pulse Vestige.
07:52:56 AM Apr 5th 2010
Hope's boomerang isn't found in the Vestige. Only the staff-thing is.
02:09:50 PM Mar 30th 2010
ccoa: Removed:

In order to be a giant space flea, the party can't acknowledge that something weird happened. The boss comes out of nowhere and is promptly forgotten. Orphan is set up mid-way through the plot and the party definitely reacts to beating it.
08:31:53 PM Mar 17th 2010
edited by don
Rebochan: Unspoiler tagged only the trope names for After the End and I Cannot Self-Terminate. Look, spoiler tagging trope names is completely stupid. It looks terrible to have a big blank spoiler space where a trope name is supposed to be, and it doesn't stop people from highlighting the trope name to try and figure what in god's name is being spoiler tagged. There is no trope name on this site that is so spoilerriffic that merely seeing the name spoils the entire game.

Don: I'm going to assume someone pissed in your cornflakes this morning since you seem to be rather passionate about a two second fix.
10:21:31 PM Mar 18th 2010
Because I've done it more than once, on this page no less, and I've gotten yelled at before for creating potential spoiler situations. So consider it a pre-emptive strike.
04:28:34 PM Mar 16th 2010
Does the main trope page really need discussion on various reviewers' opinions on the game? Whether glowing or scathing, the very, very subjective opinion of a single person adds very little to the actual trope entries, and unless they all go into the 8.8, He Panned It, Now He Sucks!, or similar tropes specifically oriented towards reviews, they really don't belong on Your Mileage May Vary (which is more about the audience's reaction than the reviewers'.)
02:33:43 PM Mar 17th 2010
I agree. We really don't need to put all the reviews there. Mostly because they seem to be people using the reviews to say "SEE SEE IT REALLY DOES SUCK/IT REALLY IS AMAZING!" It's just not necessary.

Relatedly, do you think this game can be considered a Love It or Hate It game yet?
06:59:21 PM Mar 17th 2010
Would it be reasonable to add the Jim Sterling review to an entry for 8.8? I think it's certainly stirred up enough Internet Backdraft to qualify. Also the incredibly negative review from a Hong Kong gaming mag that got circulated pretty quickly a little while back.
03:02:17 PM Mar 15th 2010
edited by
Can we lay to rest once and for all the whole "Fang was originally a guy!" thing that pops up whenever anyone discusses her? Yes, Fang was originally male - very early in the game's development, before the script was even written. The way people talk about it, one would think they replaced "his" character model and voice actor a week before the game hit the shelves. It's as irrelevant to her character as the fact that Darren Aronofsky's early Watchmen treatment was set in the present day instead of the eighties is to the final film. Fang's relationship with Vanille - whether subtext or something more - is hardly a thing that must be "excused" by way of trivia.
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