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09:03:49 AM Aug 16th 2014
Re cut: This is a cut request caused by someone running afoul of The Problem with Pen Island and thinking that the small c version of the page is different from the big C one. Please don't cut it.
09:24:16 AM Aug 16th 2014
Yeah, since succeeding in the cut will effectively kill the real page.

This does give me an idea for a new entry on the Just for Fun subpage of TPWPI, though. =P
11:25:43 AM Aug 18th 2014
Cut declined. As noted, this was The Problem with Pen Island
01:10:45 PM Jul 5th 2013
What happened to the trope page? It just disappeared!!!
03:43:31 PM Jul 5th 2013
It's been properly namespaced.
05:36:09 PM May 25th 2011
Should we we include a fridge brilliance or trivia segment for more of the punny area levels, such as Peaceful Pier?
01:25:28 AM Apr 24th 2011
Why is Tiki Tong's name considered a spoiler? I realize the game obscures his appearance until you meet him, but the little information I could see a person gleaning from the name is stuff that they presumably would have expected. It becomes a weird sort of anti-twist where one starts expecting a bigger surprise as a result of all the spoiler tags.
05:36:56 PM May 25th 2011
Agreed, all the name would help you learn is that the leader is a tiki, which is readily obvious.
10:08:18 AM Mar 19th 2011
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Excited for beating up Kremlings next time, aren't you, Donkey?
06:00:32 PM Nov 7th 2010
The article currently leaves it open to debate whether King K. Rool will appear. My impression was that Rare owns the IP for the Kremlings, REQUIRING Retro to come up with different baddies. Nintendo would own the IP for the Kongs, of course, so there's no problem with any of those characters.

Anyone know if a K. Rool appearance is truly a legal possibility?
06:07:25 AM Nov 8th 2010
Considering that King K. Rool and Kremlings have been appearing in several games since Rare left (even some of the Mario spin-offs), I'd say Nintendo owns them lock, stock and barrel. It's more like Nintendo just had no idea what Rare had been doing with the franchise (just look at Cranky's Character Derailment), and didn't properly follow up.
08:27:17 AM Dec 12th 2010
The game is out now, and he's not in. Sorry.
09:17:39 AM Mar 18th 2011
Maybe they'll get him off the mechanical island in the next game.
09:17:49 AM Mar 18th 2011
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Dang it! Every time a page doesn't load, I have to press ENTER twice, resulting in a copy of that remark! So......yeeeeaaaah...
07:51:25 PM May 29th 2011
I'll remove Meaningless Lives soon - the game uses pretty much the same system as Mario Galaxy 1/2, having respawning lives just before hard sections. Any objections?
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