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08:38:16 AM Feb 19th 2015
I don't really remember, and I didn't finish the game, so I am asking: the game is the case of Evolving Title Screen isn't it? Something about the Monolith assembling during the playthrough and whatnot.
06:19:27 PM Aug 17th 2012
I'm not sure, but should we count this as a Plot Hole?

In spite of Isaac's hacking being the primer sign of him being such a good engineer/even an engineer at all, Gabe Weller, who isn't an engineer in any degree, and is just a security officer (that is to say, ACTUALLY a Space Marine in contrast to Isaac), also has a hacking mini game near the end of his "Severed" Downloadable Content, before the Last Stand.

It just doesn't seem to make much sense.
01:58:20 AM Aug 18th 2012
^That isn't a Plot Hole -nothing is explicitly contradicted. It's Fridge Logic which has its own tab.
06:28:30 PM Jul 27th 2012
Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder has been renamed to Post-Victory Collapse, but the following doesn't sound like it fits. The "Despair Event Horizon" doesn't sound like part of any sort of victory. I suspect this was misuse, but since I'm not sure, I've moved it here. If it wasn't misuse, please use the new name when re-adding it.

06:16:00 PM Aug 17th 2012
It's misuse. I can't even tell what the example is.
05:55:25 AM Mar 25th 2012
edited by MCE
Does Isaac's comment about 'unscheduled stop' regarding a train crash count as Deadpan Snarker ?

Isaac: Daina, I need a new route.
Daina: What happened? I thought we lost you.
Isaac: Unscheduled stop. Where am I?"
—Conversation between Isaac and Daina
06:17:05 PM Aug 17th 2012
More of an understatement. He has much more obvious snark later.
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