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08:24:57 PM Jan 13th 2014
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It seems to me like this whole article needs a major re-write. Far too much is in the tropes section, and the actual 'body' smooths over almost all of the important 17th and 18th century wars that really soldified the Austrian Habsburgs as a major power in Europe, and just jumps from a cursory mention of the Thirty Years War to World War I. The tropes themselves have an over-focus on Austro-Hungary in World War I, and also ignore the big wars that involved the Austrian Habsburgs in the 18th century. If this is meant to serve as a useful notes for the Austrian Habsburgs, it's really not doing its job well. I have just completed by undergraduate dissertation on the subject, so if it's possible, I'd like to start trying to revamp this article to be more comprehensive and more detailed.
07:08:55 AM Sep 7th 2013
A lot of the trope entries are terribly written, terribly linked, and stacked in typical Natter style. I'm planning to make some minor formatting and stylistic adjustments.
09:04:10 AM Sep 7th 2013
You can just as well delete the entire trope list. Useful Notes pages are not supposed to have lists of tropes applied to Real Life.
07:32:15 PM Sep 25th 2012
edited by jatay3
Why are the Habsburgs a Token Evil Teammate of the Napoleonic Wars compared to Prussia? It seems to me that except for Alexander of Russia(who was a Knight Templar but at least good at his job)most of the rulers at the time were at best White Prince s and at worst Royal Brat s. Heck the only reason Britain was a Token Good Teammate was because several generations before they had taken the trouble to rather rigorously remind their monarchs to do as they were told.
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