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07:51:01 PM Dec 26th 2016
Is there a reason this wiki is full of Imperial Guard Fan Wank? I would like to request we undertake a cleanup project to make their coverage more objective and neutral.
08:37:43 PM Aug 21st 2016
edited by jormis29
I vaguely remeber a gift of Tzeentch or chaos undivided that gives the champion a vision of how they are going to die so they are not afraid of dying any other way

I can't seem to find it, does anyone know what I'm talking about?
09:19:35 PM May 24th 2014
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New rulebook time. Which picture should we use for our front page? Because there's like five of them to choose from with the new slipcover design
07:43:10 PM Apr 27th 2014
Not sure this is the right place to put this, but it seemed as appropriate as anywhere else: Can you deploy armies composed of more than one faction? So for example, if you wanted to could you create an army composed of both Space Marine and Imperial Guard models provided you followed all other relevant rules? Do the TTG rules allow that?
04:04:04 AM Apr 28th 2014
I don't know, but this forum thread might know.
08:32:29 PM Oct 3rd 2013
edited by
The introduction needs to be rewritten to be more accessible to non-fans.

I've got to say, as somebody who has never played Warhammer 40K, I literally did not understand what was being written in the introduction, because it's written with an assumed level of knowledge. For example it's like the writers have gone, "There's no need to fully explain who the factions are, why they are fighting, and where they came from, because we all already know that".

I'm not blaming anyone, I know it's hard to write from a neutral perspective. You've just got to look back on what you've written and think, "If I were someone who has never heard of Warhammer 40K, would I understand this?"
02:02:14 AM Jul 14th 2013
Does [[ index ]] [[/ index ]] do anything?
02:24:52 AM Jul 14th 2013
Yes — it defines what parts of this page are used as an index for other related pages and subpages, as explained on How Indexing Works.
03:32:45 AM Jul 14th 2013
Are you sure? Cause I deleted all the [[ index ]] [[/ index ]] from the main page and still all the other pages listed on it have Tabletop Game / Warhammer 40 , 000 at the bottom of there pages.
04:47:22 AM Jul 14th 2013
True. Okay...

When a page's type has the "does indexing" box checked, then by default all bullet points on that page will be included in an index, with the first wiki link in each bullet getting the index bars at the bottom of its page.

Normally, work pages which also serve as indexes only intend to index a few pages on a few bullet points — they have other bullet points that shouldn't be included in the index. This means that you use tags to denote which parts exactly should be included, and stuff outside them is excluded.

By removing the tags altogether, every bullet point is included, so on here stuff like Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate is still on the index. In that sense, it works fine.

However, although the majority of bullet points here need to be included in the index, there are a few that don't — namely, those in the "Other Websites" folder. One of those bullets has an external link but then a wiki link to Fanon. Now that there are no indexing tags saying that only part of the page should be included, Fanon gets the index bars too, but it's not meant to be indexed here.

I hope that made sense as the rather lengthier explanation. :P To make sure that Fanon is excluded from the index, I've added back the index tags.
08:43:19 PM Jul 14th 2013
By defining what you want in the index you exclude what you do not want in said index. OK, I can live with that.

But that means that there is something left to do... The Spin-offs and games that do not have their own pages needs to be excluded too.
01:45:52 AM Jul 15th 2013
Correct; I missed that. Thanks!
08:04:12 PM Dec 13th 2012
So, I have been wondering about where leaderships rolls should go on this page. I have a little story for you. My brother and my cousin were facing off against my brother's friend (let's call him Joe) in the tabletop game. Joe had space marines and was using terminators. He rushed a Imperial Conscript unit. You can imagine how that went over. Really well! For the Imperial Guard! The Conscripts lost so many units the first term that my brother would have had to roll a 2D2 (snake eyes) to pass the leadership test. And he pulled it off. The next turn. The terminators took enough conscripts out to bring their leadership down to 2 again. My brother rolled a snake eyes! Again! They were wiped out the third turn, but the terminators were held up so long that Joe lost! I feel if that can barely happen in-game, then it can happen in-universe. What trope would that go under?
06:12:09 PM Oct 31st 2012
I feel like this page gives the "positive" traits of Chaos more credit than their due. 99% of the time, anything devoted to Chaos ends as a Complete Monster, and really Nurgle is only one of the Chaos gods with anything approaching actual redeeming qualities. Why does GW even bother bringing up that Chaos supposedly has positive aspects when their desire to make everything grimdark has them reduced to mostly informed attributes?
08:37:36 AM Jan 29th 2013
I was under the impression that GW doest really play any of the positive traits up anymore, the positive traits mentioned on this wiki are from the early editions; its still brought up because its arguable that those interpretations are still canon (since its not directly contradicted by the newer editions).
10:50:02 AM Oct 26th 2012
Should this franchise have its own Complete Monster page? It seems like it has enough examples to qualify.
06:51:06 PM Oct 22nd 2012
How durable are Space Marine supposed to be anyways? I heard complaints about how they die so easily in Ultramines The Movie, but how exactly how much abuse are the supposed to be able to take?
08:20:43 AM Jan 25th 2013
Well, against a baseline human a Space Marine would easily break our spines with a flick of their fingers. The problem is when they're up against Chaos Space Marines of equal strength and toughness, armed with weapons specifically designed to kill other Space Marines... well, it's all relative basically.
10:14:04 AM Jan 29th 2013
In fairness the Chaos Space Marines go down just as easily. The only difference to the movie and Canon is that it should take quite a few bolter rounds or Hits from a chainsaw to pierce power armour, in the movie it just takes one shot/hit.
06:49:06 PM Oct 22nd 2012
I noticed Drago getting the hate for beating Mortorian, but really, that's not dumb for those reasons. Hector Rex beat An'ggrath and all that An'ggrath had fought before were a few Grey Knights, and somehow one squad gave him trouble, and Rex wasn't even a Space Marine. Really, people should complain that we have Mortorian getting off his ass and doing so something that hardly seemed to warrant his notice. Also, why does nobody question M'kar nearly killing Drago if beat a primarch? Before anybody talks, yes I know about the stuff in the warp, yeah that's dumb.
06:45:20 PM Oct 22nd 2012
Does anybody notice that Bloodthirsters seem to shrink at points? There's supposed to be over thirty feet tall, buy Sangiunus is described as taking one at with a backbreaker, and Hector Rex beat An'ggrath by impaling the chest, with no mention of him throwing his sword or jumping into the air.
08:41:41 AM Jan 29th 2013
I read a 40k book where it specifically describes a blood-thirster shrinking and growing in size at will. The blood-thirster was in the Eye of Terror at the time and most of the book has been declared non-canon now anyway. But there ya go.
07:58:46 PM Apr 21st 2012
Since Troper Tales were ultimately deemed unsuitable for this site, should all the entries in Awesome/Warhammer40000 that are essentially "let me tell you about my army" be expunged?
01:20:43 PM Apr 22nd 2012
I'd be inclined to say yes, but at the same time they're not really hurting anything. I'll speak to the rest of the staff.
04:49:29 PM Dec 10th 2011
edited by CauselessRevenant
A few days ago, I edited the 'Law of Chromatic Superiority' article to include something that, truth be told, didn't really fit in the discussion.

Any idea what the age studs in the foreheads of any of the Adeptus Astartes would be an example for, trope-wise?
04:23:36 AM Dec 12th 2011
You might wanna take that up in Lost And Found.
02:14:46 PM Dec 14th 2011
Where would I be able to find that?
03:42:19 PM Dec 14th 2011
In the list of tools on the left side of any trope or work page, in the top section.
05:15:55 AM Dec 2nd 2011
I still continue to marvel at how big this page has gotten.
08:16:23 AM May 14th 2011
Crap, I hit Enter and didn't mean to...at any rate, the intro has turned into a complete wankfest of over-the-top-ness. If you've got an issue with the change, take it up in the Trope Repair Shop thread; the mods are aware of this edit and it's gotten support in the TRS thread and the 40K thread in the Tabletop Games forum.
01:32:06 PM May 12th 2011
I know memes might not make everything better, but discussion before you remove something like this is preferred. Here's the original Statler and Waldorf stinger:

Statler: You know, Waldorf, there's only one thing worse then being in the Imperium of Man.
Waldorf: What's that?
Statler: Reading about it!
Both: Do-hoh-do-ho-
02:07:23 PM Feb 7th 2011
Questions about the quote - is it taken from the main codex? I ask because the preface in the omnibuses has the phrase as "...for in the grim dark future" as opposed to how it is on the page.
02:18:07 PM Jan 6th 2011
Can anyone point me to where I could find more information about the Aspect Warrior game for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis? I've been able to find squat by myself from various video game sites and internet searches.
07:34:48 PM Nov 28th 2010
Who aggrees that Warhammer High needs its own page.
11:13:58 AM Nov 29th 2010
Does that even exist? Is that some kind of fanfic about the Emprah's high school days?
06:34:00 PM Dec 3rd 2010
http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_High NSFW at the end of the article but actually fairly good
07:58:33 PM Aug 24th 2012
Sorry to necro this, but OH GOD PLEASE!

I would BEG that someone make this. There's entire BOOKS in that series!

02:32:22 AM Oct 15th 2010
Why whenever I think of Warhammer 40k I think of Rammstein's Mein Herz Brennt and whenever I think of Infamous I think of Linkin Park's Breaking the Habit?
08:16:04 PM Jul 1st 2010
edited by Prfnoff
Where would Warhammer 40000 fit in under Your Soul Is Mine?
09:02:03 PM Jul 1st 2010
I'd guess Type 2 B
10:23:24 AM Jun 25th 2010
@ Willbyr:

I suppose now would be a bad time to say I personally prefer colons over hyphens? ;-)

In all seriousness, thank you for doing all that reformatting on the trope entries. I know a lot of people don't like the parentheses, and I was wondering if anyone was going to just bite the bullet one day and reformat everything. I realize how much work it was, and I appreciate the effort.
10:30:37 AM May 26th 2010
Changed the image according to the Image Picking board discussion. Feel free to put any other image in the image links wiki.
11:09:59 PM Mar 4th 2010
edited by Evilest_Tim
Incidentally, the White Dwarf battle report I mentioned; I don't have the issue anymore, but I believe the Orks lost by something like 8 victory points to 114 and the other player commented he'd had more Space Marines die in a game of 40K. I also recall an earlier one that might have been a factor when a Nid player won the game by having his Lictor fire Fleshhooks at two seperate targets, since winning the game by forgetting the rules isn't exactly setting a good example.
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