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11:54:57 AM Oct 23rd 2014
"If you must make the tribe chief bigoted and aggressive, make his daughter compassionate and open-minded."

Erm, and this is not avoiding Unfortunate Implications by means of a different common double standard?
09:35:21 PM Nov 6th 2011
I think it needs to be emphasized that it's nearly impossible to create anything without unfortunate implications, you can't please everyone and someone... somewhere is going to get offended by something right? (Especially when one group of people really hate another group of people...)
03:34:43 PM Aug 2nd 2012
I added a bit about Acceptable Targets that relates to this.
07:59:09 AM Sep 18th 2014
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My other concern is people who grasp at straws to find something offensive in any given work, like when Everything Is Racist, Everyone Is Satan in Hell and All Issues Are Political Issues comes into play. Also, certain catch 22s like some of the contradictions behind Real Women Don't Wear Dresses. I've heard that the Action Girl carries unfortunate implications because it tries to empower women by giving them more traditionally masculine characteristics, and of course making them otherwise falls into the trap of Stay in the Kitchen. So in essence writing a female character is a fine balance of making them not-too-feminine and not-too-masculine. This is of course has Unfortunate Implications in itself because it assigns gender roles to what really should be equal human characteristics.
10:04:16 AM Sep 18th 2014
Another one is something inherent to Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch where even if you try and make the cast diverse by having multiple varied characters of a certain minority. Someone will still center in one character with a trait that can be seen as acting stereotypical. For example, if you were to write a story that has multiple gay characters in it for whatever reason, and each character is fleshed out with individual traits, the one that maybe has sex once in the story can become All Gays Are Promiscuous.

Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch in general can cause this sort of thing, maybe there needs to be a guide on how to write a trailer without Unfortuntate Implications, because I remember a couple times where people make judgements on characters before even seeing the movie proper. Ex: Frozen has ran into this recently if I remember right.
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