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10:27:22 AM Jan 18th 2013
Sadist Show: One Thousand Ways To Die/1000 Ways to Die is the second worst show on Earth, alongside South Park, including Superjail. The show itself is extremly stupid and sadistic, plus a bit politically incorrect. It's the worse show on Spike, Ever! The reainaments of the death have poor acting and even worse effects, and the way they die isn't even that inresting. Yes, there are some really gory images. Worse the unseen narrator is just as sadistic as the entire series itself. The show, 1000 Ways to Die” don’t really seem to be trying to fool anyone: The tone is tongue-in-cheek, the acting in the reenactments is over-the-top, and one can almost hear the narrator leering over every salacious detail. Remarkably, all of the people who die in these supposedly true stories have it coming to them, in the way that teenagers who have sex in horror movies always die immediately afterward. A woman who chokes to death on edible panties has been doing something us readers will have to imagine yourself. In a switcheroo, one segment starts with a drunken teen pool party, but the kid who is killed by a meteor has been trying to get the partiers to join his prayer group. “Stan was a speed bump in the cosmic flow,” the narrator says. “So the cosmos sent a hit man.” So much for the show’s concern for the deceased or their surviving friends and relatives. The writing seems to be deliberately bad, but it fails to be so bad that it’s good. As befits a show aimed at eternal adolescents, the show amps up the gross-out factor. When the visuals aren’t disgusting enough, medical experts appear on camera to add details: A gastroenterologist tells us that when that unlucky construction worker split in two, fecal matter from his internal organs would likely have been splattered about. At this point, one starts to look for a small-print disclaimer saying that the whole thing is an elaborate postmodern parody of junk television. But it doesn’t really matter.

Whether a parody or in real life, “1000 Ways to Die” is just plain horrible.
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