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02:41:20 AM Aug 17th 2014
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As someone who has never seen MASH, I would just like to point out that its article is absolutely awful—at no point does it describe the setting or characters of the show, and it only describes other important aspects (tone, plot) in terms of how radically they change. It is mostly a string of accomplishments, casting changes, and other such things that belong on the Trivia subpage or That Other Wiki.

I don't know enough about it to help fix it, but as a neutral observer it is sloppy and uninformative.
04:24:32 AM Aug 17th 2014
Uh, yeah, this page needs some fixing. I am not sure how to do that, though.
09:49:38 PM Aug 17th 2014
There needs to be an actual description of the show—its setting, plot, tone and characters. Once that is in place, the rest of the chaff can be cut or moved.

Paragraph 1 is fine, I guess, though it really should be at the end of the article, not the beginning

Paragraph 2 and 3 should be under Cerebus Syndrome and possibly Growing the Beard (which I note already have entries). The first sentence of P2 can go under Long Runner, or it can be merged with P1 and go at the end of the article

Paragraph 4 should be under Hidden Depths or Character Development

Paragraph 5 should go under Laugh Track

Paragraph 6 should be cut

Paragraph 7 should be a trope entry or (if it truly was that revolutionary) then MASH should be mentioned on the Boom Up and Over page (which is quite sparse anyway)

Paragraph 8 should be a trope entry or cut completely—the Something Completely Different entry already points the reader to the trope page

Paragraph 9 should be under Grand Finale or Trivia

Paragraph 10 should be under Pragmatic Adaptation or some other adaptation trope

Paragraph 11 should be cut or moved to Trivia
11:04:46 AM May 21st 2013
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Should MASH get its own Anachronism Stew and/or Artistic License Military pages?

There are so many examples of both that the main page couldn't possibly contain all of them.
09:21:32 PM Sep 13th 2012
The main page is getting seriously long. Shouldn't it be split into alphabetical folders or something?
11:04:02 AM May 21st 2013
I've split it up into folders for now, but if it starts getting closer to Trope Overdosed we can add more folders, and if necessary just reposit everything into seperate pages.