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05:33:44 PM Nov 18th 2017
How do you make a shoutout page?
08:07:03 AM Oct 27th 2017
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What tropes are these things:

Kirk sang better in the last episode of season seven than in the first episode of A Year In The Life.

Lorelai is better at networking than her journalist daughter.

Paris having celebrity clients like Neil Patrick Harris and Brad and Angelina.
05:04:39 PM Jan 8th 2015
I removed at bit under Karma Houdini about how Lorelai "coldly cut Rory out of her life" in season 6. Uh, Rory was the one who cut Lorelai out.
03:46:05 PM Mar 21st 2014
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07:08:52 PM Mar 21st 2014
It's a free country.
06:39:12 PM Nov 16th 2013
I removed this Conversation on the Main Page from the article. (Some of it might be used when adding context to some examples.)

  • And let's face it, Mitchum was 100% right about how Rory doesn't 'have it' to make it as an aggressive journalist.
    • Totally. Mitchum tells her that she's too timid and won't stand up for herself. She responds to this by...quitting school and moving in with her grandparents.
    • He later tells Richard it had less to do with her actual abilities and was supposed to be a Secret Test of Character for a talented girl who never had anyone reject her or tell her she wasn't good enough before.
07:02:52 PM Nov 16th 2013
More clean-up: it was listed as an example of Black Sheep. It reads as some kind of Trivia entry.

  • ABC Family's Gilmore Girls Backstage Special is considered The Star Wars Holiday Special of the series which was designed to introduced the show's reruns onto ABC Family. Inexplicably only focused on the first season, the show has a disturbingly orange Brooke Burke asking very simple and stupid questions about the show (and even a few about their personal lives to their chagrin) to the cast that you can find on even the least detailed fansite, which proves she didn't do any research, much less ever watch a minute of the series until she was shooting the show. It was also produced on a cheap budget by a company which usually compiled Groin Attack video shows for TLC. The fans deplored the show and said it would actually turn new fans from watching the reruns, thus it never reaired or appeared on a DVD extra in any form, and is now relegated to three-week long Bittorrent downloads and YouTube clips for the few who actually want to see it for themselves. Lauren Graham corrects the host a few times because she has obviously never sat down to watch an episode.
07:21:56 PM Nov 16th 2013
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More clean-up.

Examples Are Not Arguable. No Conversation on the Main Page, please.

  • Karma Houdini:
    • Arguably Jess, it's rather strange how the disguised spin-off pilot was coming off an episode where his dad's shown up, Luke calls him out on ditching his kid and Jess tells Luke to go to hell, resulting in Jess following him back to California, leaving Stars Hollow and his girlfriend behind... at no point has he even TOLD Rory that he's going! This is not the first time he's actually done this either!
      • It bites him in the bottom later though, when Rory refuses to take him back after he realizes he's still in love with her. He goes off on his own again but reappears a few times in season 6 having undergone a lot of off-screen character development. When he shows up again, he helps Rory realize how much she's screwing up her life, reconnects with Luke (even paying him back for all the money Luke had given him before), and turns down Rory's advances (despite being in love with her) because she is still in a relationship with Logan.
      • Not to mention when Luke visited him in New York in Season 4, he was sharing a horrible apartment with about 10 other people, sleeping on a mattress and working as a messenger. So it wasn't like running away turned out that great. It's also implied that during his unseen Season 5 period, he hit absolute rock-bottom after Rory rejected him at the end of Season 4, and it took a lot for him to rebuild his life.

Natter says that this trope should be zapped. (Though perhaps it could be moved back as a notable aversion from the ever so popular trope).

  • Two-Teacher School: Max Medina was the only teacher seen (or at least named) at Chilton.
    • Aside from Mr. Medina, the school sported at least two recurring female teachers, one of whom even resurfaced in a dream sequence in season 7 (Ms. Caldecott). Ms. Peters was the catch-all newspaper advisor/debate coach/student government advisor. Ms. Caldecott was particularly memorable because Tristan said her name about thirty times in one scene. There was also Mr. Hunter, who appeared more than once in Season 3, usually as the faculty adviser for student government. He was often ridiculed by Paris.

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