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07:24:12 PM Nov 20th 2012
edited by ArcadesSabboth
This trope has been re-defined. I don't know whether this example is valid for the new definition. It may need rewording to show how it fits the new definition. If it's valid, please restore it here and on the trope page.

07:43:34 PM Dec 28th 2011

The trope is now known as Maligned Mixed Marriage. Was the couple's interracial relationship looked down upon in-universe?
09:45:25 AM Dec 31st 2011
Yes, in both couple's cases. The marriage of Omaroch (a demon) and Delora (a human) was not tolerated at all because of several reasons. Humans saw demons as bloodthirsty monsters, and demons saw humans as nothing more than cattle which could be eaten or violated and which could in their view never strive to become equal to demons in power or intellect. The human and the demon in question also served rival gods, and their marriage and reconciliation of this division was the ultimate insult to their respective clergies who saw the act as blasphemy of the highest kind (not helped by the couple's half-demon kids which both clergies saw as abominations). The family thus became persecuted, living in constant danger of being discovered by supporters of either clergy. The same thing happened for Refan (a half-demon) and Skye (a human) for similar reasons.
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