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10:00:35 PM Mar 11th 2012
Would Tank the Tortise be a pint-sized Mighty Glacier Powerhouse (he was slow, BUT he survived the obstacle course, he managed to lift the boulder pinning Dash's wing with his neck muscles seemingly alone, and after giving her first aid carrying Dash on his back as she weighs a lot more than him)?

AND he gets his Magitek Upgrade to being a terrapin helicopter too!

Sometimes "slow and steady winning" isn't always about just racing.

11:03:11 AM Dec 7th 2011
I've been examining the markings of the falcon, and as far as I can tell it matches the peregrine falcon pretty exactly. This would explain why it won the race, since the peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on earth, and would also imply that it is female. Any better birders than I have insight to add?
10:41:15 AM Nov 25th 2011
If you look closely it wasn't Dash's actual wing that was pinned by the landslide, but one of her pinion feathers. Since she couldn't simply pull the feather out and keep going, would it qualify as a case of Feather Fingers?
03:04:48 PM Nov 20th 2011
This might be a YMMV, but Tank seemed like a Shout-Out or Expy of Master Roshi from Dragonball Z. He's insanely strong for his size and wears a shell. The kicker, though, are his thick orange rimmed sunglasses!

What do you all think? Was this intentional or I am reading too much into it?
02:10:18 PM Nov 21st 2011
Way too much. A shout out would be Rainbow wearing a shell and training someone by making them wear it to. Or something.

Shared imagery does not a shout out make. In fact the already listed shout outs are almost all rather ridiculous. Brony tropers have serious Fan Myopia
08:58:04 PM Nov 21st 2011
I notice you removed the Lion King shoutout. Is no one else seeing the connection there?
10:41:55 AM Nov 25th 2011
@theodrixx What Lion King Shout-Out?
03:17:44 PM Nov 25th 2011
Rainbow being caught in a gorge is not a Shout-Out to anything as far as I can see. I deleted Lion King because I didn't see anything in particular. Like AJ and Twi in S 1 E 02 is not Scar and Mufasa with a different ending just because some of the shots are similar and fellow bronies have parodied it that way. Its just a generic problem.

Now excuse me I have to go delete the 127 Hours one for the same reason. That we've got different people thinking Lion King and 127 Hours for the same situation is evidence enough. But I see no connection from that either. Now if Dash was actually caught for awhile and seriously considered amputating a wing we'd be talking.
08:53:39 PM Nov 25th 2011
The quotation is almost exact in terms of specific wording; Rainbow Dash implores "Somepony! Anypony" to help her and Simba says "Somebody! Anybody! Help."

Plus it's in a gorge.

One could argue that it wasn't intentional (in which case it wouldn't be a shout out) but "Lion King" jumped into my mind the moment RD said those words. If most people didn't have this reaction, it probably doesn't apply, but there you go.
07:34:49 PM Mar 11th 2012
This troper thought with the glasses Tank reminded me of the turtle who made the fortune cookies in the "Pucca" cartoons for Disney HD (then known as Jetix).

Of course he started as a "tank" then the tortise became a "helicopter"—it's a bit of a stretch, but you remember another tank that goes into a "flight form" as well? (Yeah, I know said form's a fighter jet *Blitzwing from Transformers* and not a combat chopper, but work with me...)
07:12:05 AM Nov 20th 2011
The only episode that seems to support Rainbowdash choosing freinds based on physical competative abilities is Griffin Brush Off, as a matter of fact she if friends with Fluttershy. Do you think she actually used to try to find friends based off of physical attribute, or did she just not know how to say that she learned that persistance is more important than skill.
11:10:58 AM Nov 20th 2011
They're called "Friendship Reports," after all. They probably felt they had to shoehorn a lesson about friendship in there somehow.
05:06:40 AM Nov 20th 2011
Is the musical bit that plays when Opal extends her claws a Scare Chord or Psycho Strings?
07:00:41 AM Nov 20th 2011
edited by ShadowHog
Does it sound like the strings from Psycho? Then they'd be Psycho Strings. Else, Scare Chord.

It seems to be filed under Scare Chord as of writing, though.
12:30:20 PM Nov 20th 2011
That's why I'm asking. I was going to put it down as Psycho Strings, but now I'm not sure.
02:08:43 PM Nov 20th 2011
I rewatched the episode. Definitely Psycho Strings.
04:48:27 AM Nov 20th 2011
I don't know what to do about this, if anything, but I wanted to note that Dash seems to be a little more upset that she's *stuck* there 'forever'. She doesn't take confinement or restriction well. Anything else is a secondary concern at best.

Also, it would appear that anything with wings treats clouds as semisolid ground, since the wasp and bat chill out on/in clouds during the song. Wonder if that includes the flying squirrel...
10:11:00 PM Nov 19th 2011
Where are we supposed to note this episode's possible Merchandise-Driven-ness? Right now it's listed here and on MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic.TropesHToP.
11:19:54 PM Nov 19th 2011
I didn't restore it intentionally. It goes on the main trope page.
06:16:22 PM Nov 19th 2011
edited by TARINunit9
I'm not sure which trope this is (I know there's one for it), and the event itself has been sticking in the back of my mind: Didn't RD show a clear distaste for spontaneous musical numbers back in both S1E2 and S1E9? (granted, they were Pinkie's spontaneous musical number's) I'm surprised she joined in with Fluttershy at all, much less willingly took part in a Let's Duet
06:18:51 PM Nov 19th 2011
She also took part in At the Gala and Winter Wrap-Up, though; either it was Early Installment Weirdness, she got used to it, or there's an odd "you are only aware of the existence of spontaneous musical numbers you are not a part of" effect going on for everybody but Pinkie.
06:51:15 PM Nov 19th 2011
There seem to be two types of musical numbers in the show: there's the cast members randomly bursting into song to tell their part of the story[[hottip:*:It seems that these songs aren't really treated as "songs" by the characters; they never point out that they other characters are singing; sort of like how in a musical the singing is just a device used to tell the story rather than an element of the story itself), and when a character (almost always Pinkie Pie), bursts into song In-Universe. RD appears to only be annoyed by the latter, while her duet with Fluttershy is the former.
07:01:55 PM Nov 19th 2011
The above explanation works for me.

As far as In-Universe canon goes, Pinkie Pie is the only one that's given to bursting into song randomly.

The rest of the time, the Musical World Hypotheses kick in.

Of course, there's Scootaloo complaining about the singing in Cutie Mark Chronicles. Hrm.
07:22:05 PM Nov 19th 2011
Fluttershy's clearly aware that she's singing, as when at the end of the episode she asks "Shall we sing about it again?"
07:51:21 PM Nov 19th 2011
Yeah, I just got back here to correct myself, but you beat me to it.

Man, I don't even know anymore.
02:59:05 PM Nov 20th 2011
edited by LordGriffin
Well, if all theories about the singing are true, then the Let's Duet was NOT an in-universe song. That means that Fluttershy was Leaning on the Fourth Wall when she did a Call-Back to it.
12:53:14 PM Nov 21st 2011
Pinkie Pie is the only one who bursts in to solo 'public' numbers. The others participate in group songs and sing when they're on their own (or with one other pony who's in the same situation, in this case), but they don't 'impose' their songs on others.
05:05:24 PM Nov 19th 2011
the current summary kind of ignores the point of a summary. It should be shortened.
05:31:20 PM Nov 19th 2011
Last episode was like that too =/ >Edit page checked out by you I'm assuming that's what you're doing, then? (maybe I should shorten Cutie Pox's summary too... wonder if people will get mad?)
06:38:28 PM Nov 19th 2011
edited by theodrixx
No, sorry, I do this thing where I suggest something be done and expect people not to ask me to do it. :P

It'll take me a while to draft something up; some sections just can't be shortened without making them awkward so they'll need a rewrite.

The Cutie Pox one was not especially long. I only pointed this one out because I feel like it just describes everything that happens in the episode instead of isolating the pertinent facts.
06:58:47 AM Nov 20th 2011
As the one who initially wrote the summary for "The Cutie Pox", it totally was too long. :P I was hoping somebody better at omitting irrelevant details would trim it down a bit (and best I can tell, they did).

I was a little surprised at the initial length of this one, though, since it seemed that much longer.
04:47:08 PM Nov 19th 2011
When Rainbow Dash informs the bat "That was truly AWESOME... but I'm afraid this is the *radicalness* competition, so I'm going to have to take some points off" deserves some kind of mention, but it doesn't really work under Exact Words. Any ideas as to a better match?
11:10:22 AM Nov 19th 2011
Fluttershy is surprisingly eager when Rainbow IMPLIES she wants a pet (nope* , she never said she wanted one) and she starts prattling on about the wonderful pets she has for adoption. Is this Genki Girl (She REALLY sounded like Pinkie at that moment), Motor Mouth, or Out-of-Character Moment? or is there already a trope for being super eager like that?
11:16:25 AM Nov 19th 2011
Nope, Chuck Testa. Does that meme know no mercy?
05:17:36 PM Nov 19th 2011
I think there's a trope for when a character becomes excited about a specific something that means something to them (being any number of things), but I don't know what it's called, if it exists.
06:53:28 PM Nov 19th 2011
I was thinking of something similar:

When a character needs/wants something, and another character is incredibly eager (notably more eager than the first character) to help them out, because they have a personal interest in that something.

Is there a trope for this?
03:33:28 AM Nov 20th 2011
Right in her very first scene, Fluttershy demonstrates enthusiasm and openness on the subject of animals/exotic creatures. I don't see how her enthusiasm and openness in this episode could possibly qualify to be out of character.
09:51:16 AM Nov 20th 2011
Plus you have to remember that Rainbow Dash is Fluttershy's oldest friend. I can easily imagine Fluttershy hoping for something like this for a long time.
05:55:09 AM Dec 14th 2011
edited by Drakkenmensch
It seems to me that this is a case of Cuteness Proximity because Fluttershy's excessive shyness always vanishes the instant pets become involved (as in the first episode). Fluttershy's "proximity" just has a ridiculously wide radius of effect.
10:58:09 AM Nov 19th 2011
Why is the editing of this page constantly being blocked?
12:17:09 PM Nov 19th 2011
Tends to happen on the day of new eps; only one troper can edit at a time, and we're so full of tropes, that we NEED the 20 minutes the site gives us to edit. and then there're the tropers who are constantly clicking the edit button in case someone checks out early. So if you want to contribute a trope to the page before someone else does keep an eye on the timestamp and click "edit" RIGHT when your clock hits that time, otherwise, you could wait a day or two.
09:27:10 AM Nov 19th 2011
I remember seeing a WMG that said Rainbow would get a tortoise as a pet. Time to put that in the I Knew It section.
08:31:53 AM Nov 19th 2011
Should the Let's Duet entry really be spoilered? All it's about is Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash going through choices for a pet.
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