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07:21:36 AM Jan 18th 2018
If these entries are alphabetized, shouldn't the links for The X-Files and Whoniverse switch places?
08:47:08 PM Jan 18th 2018
nombretomado was good enough to fix it
02:08:54 AM Feb 3rd 2014
All proposals or requests for removals should go to the Complete Monster Cleanup thread set up for that very purpose. Requests to add characters on the discussion page will get ignored.
09:10:52 PM Mar 12th 2013
Joffrey from Game of Thrones

I like how, in this show, they go out of their way to make every character have some good qualities and bad qualities. Sure some characters have more good qualities than others, but even the despicable ones, ie. Jaime, has some likeable traits.

The one exception is Joffrey. From the moment I saw this kid in episode 1 I knew he was going to be a completely irredeemable prick. He just has that face. I kind of feel bad for the actor because he's just so damn hate-able looking (although I'm sure the make-up and his acting has a lot to do to it). I wonder why they decided to make him so one dimensional when all the other characters have more complex personalities.

Even Vicerys had some depth to him and you did feel some sort of empathy for his situation having grown up in exile and set with such high expectations for himself to win back his family's honor. Plus his whining when he didn't get his way was somewhat enjoyable. Still, I actually felt a little sorry for him when he died.

But Joffrey is just ... ugh, I can't wait until he dies and will enjoy every minute of it. I guess you can excuse some of his behavior due to the fact that he's a victim of bad parenting. But still, why make him the only one dimensional with absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever? I guess every fantasy story needs to have at least one complete monster.
05:16:15 PM Jan 10th 2014
He's not the only one dimensional character who exists only to be hated. Look at Gregor Clegane and Ramsay Bolton.
08:29:24 AM Feb 6th 2013
edited by captainmarkle
Tucker Wells and Adam aren't complete monsters? Who the hell made that decision? Adam killed a kid for god's sake!
02:36:04 AM Sep 18th 2013
It'd help if you actually linked to the show they're from so people could understand what you're talking about.

Generally being a Monster of the Week makes it a touch bit difficult to hit the henious level to shine compared to full-time villians. It's still possible, but it would have to be something truly epic in it's heniousness to count. Without knowing just what you're talking about killing a kid wouldn't be a qualifier depending on how dark the work was, the reasonings behind it, etc. etc.
05:17:23 PM Jan 10th 2014
Adam was cut because at the end of the day, his moral agency is shot to hell and gone. He's an amalgamation of human, demon, and machine, and his ability to make moral choices is in serious doubt.
07:41:06 AM Jan 14th 2013
Could someone with editing right plz add, that the Goa'uld also like to, according to Tea'alc, commit planetary genocide just fo funzies?
02:34:04 AM Sep 18th 2013

Groups cannot count under any circumstances for a lot of reasons. Furthermore we can't be told that a CM did something, we have to actually see it (even with a Gory Discretion Shot) for it to count. Otherwise plenty of characters would get thrown onto the page just because somebody called them a Complete Monster.
12:18:56 PM Dec 22nd 2012
You should add Brian, AKA Mister Grand Fromage in the British TV Series The Misfits. Jealous of the attention others get from having more interesting powers than his, he starts a rampage and kills his girlfriend, his agent, and many others, including all the Misfits but Curtis (who rewinds time to change it). When confronted about it, he says he is glad, because it will bring him fame, and he obviously loves killing people by controlling the milky products inside their bodies. He has the highest kill count in the series, and even severed Nathan's brain, since he couldn't kill him.
09:01:16 PM Jun 9th 2012
Would Ponnie from [[Victorious]] count? She pretty much frames Tori and almost successfully drives Tori to insanity. She's not Played for Laughs like most Dan Shneider characters. Her episode just aired and was absolute Nightmare Fuel.

Not to mention she's confirmed to be so insane they had to lock her up at the end of her episode. Her motivation is to replace Tori because she believes that Tori replaced her. Oh and she's a Karma Houdini. Is that enough?
06:45:26 PM Mar 28th 2012
Kelso from That 70's Show is not a Complete Monster. He may be selfish but he is not a bad guy, just a bit of a jerk.
09:36:34 AM Dec 26th 2011
Is there the possibility to add a picture on this page?
08:24:38 AM Nov 30th 2011
Given the volume of Kamen Rider entries, should there be a page for monsters from that franchise, or could they be rolled into the Super Sentai one after renaming it "Tokusatsu"?
12:15:11 PM Aug 13th 2011
What about EastEnders? That show has a lot of Complete Monsters. Should it have its own page do you think? Because I don't know where to start!
09:40:23 PM Aug 8th 2011
Why was Johnny Cooper from Home and Away deleted? As far as I can see he fits all five criteria and even if he doesn't it should at least have been discussed here.
04:09:00 PM Jun 11th 2011
I think that Doctor Who may deserve its own section. The Daleks, Davros (and Nyder), the Beast from The Satan Pit, Cassandra O'Brien (YMMV), Rassilon from the End of Time, some of the early Cybermen, the leader of the Mutants, a lot of the Thals from Genesis, Mr Crane, the Abzorbaloff (spelling very bizarre, please forgive mistakes), the Silence, the "ganger" of Jennifer who gets a lot of humans and her own kind killed, just to hide a murder she did, the sentient asteroid that killed hundreds of Time Lords, tried mind raping Amy and Rory, and created patchwork humans to torture and prove its own narcissist nature and the woman who kidnapped Amy's baby and kept toying with her mentally.

Yeah, this goes a LONG way down the list. If it does though, the Master is NOT a viable candidate. He is an asshole a lot of the time, but it always depends on writer and regeneration.
10:28:34 PM Jun 11th 2011
edited by Iaculus
Actually, I'd say the Daleks aren't either. They're the victims of Mind Rape, incapable of any emotion except hate. The Complete Monster must have a choice. Likewise, I'd say Ganger-Jenny doesn't qualify. She is exactly the same person as Normal-Jenny (a major, oft-repeated plot point in the episodes), who is a nice person - the only divergence point is the massive psychological trauma she's suffered from the memories of her repeated deaths.

House, Davros, and the Angels, though? Total dicks.
07:28:18 PM May 26th 2011
edited by excaruso
I'm not sure if Hawk should be listed on this page. I mean, the worst thing he did was kidnap Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan in an attempt to make them miss their concert. Sure, I can't argue that he crossed the Moral Event Horizon, but I don't think he makes the cut.

One Nickelodeon character I DO think should be added, though, is Rebecca from Zoey 101. She disguised her nasty attitude by being sweet at first...then she tried to make Zoey and Chase never speak to each other again, and when Chase dumped her, she attempted to retaliate by making Zoey do embarassing things (including wear a banana suit to frighten Lola). And she threatened to expose Zoey's horrible secret if she didn't do those things. She was pretty terrible, and, just like most people in Dan Schneider world, she's a Karma Houdini (though Wikipedia says she might have been expelled for her atrocities). What do you guys think?
05:18:48 PM Jan 10th 2014
No. That's barely evil, let alone CM territory.
05:42:53 PM May 17th 2011
Is it really worth putting spoilers over the character in the Sherlock entry? He and Sherlock Holmes have been at it for over a hundred years in various adaptations and incarnations, so his identity (at least his last name) is hardly a spoiler. I haven't seen the new show but it just seems a little odd to me.
03:57:11 AM May 9th 2011
I think Schillinger and Adebisi from Oz have too many redeeming qualities to fit this trope. Schillinger hates drugs and won't let his subordinates to use them, commands Hank to return Beecher's daughter to her family, supports his daughter-in-law with her pregnancy and tries have truce with Beecher. Adebisi had a genuine friendship with an old Voodoo priest and saved Peter Schibetta from harassment while they were both in mental ward.
03:47:03 PM Dec 27th 2013
Schillinger's hate for drugs is not a redeeming quality. His subordinates may use them when they buy them from white dealers, it's his prags, the people he considers his LIFESTOCK, that are not allowed to consume drugs. Returning a kidnapped child is no redeeming quality, especially considering he had her younger brother killed. Schillinger may be a family-man, but he has no qualms about the family of other people. Also, despite trying to make a truce with Beecher, gang-raping other prisoners (even mentally retarded ones) and forcing them into sex-slavery still seems to be a hobby of his.

Adebisi took a big crap on everything Jarrah supposedly taught him once he was out of psych ward. Also, considering that he was the one who put peter in the psych-ward in the first place (by brutally raping him) defending him from harrassment (which also could have been to show that he was fit enough to return to em-city) isn't really a redeeming quality. ESPECIALLY since he continues to take prags.
06:28:33 PM Feb 6th 2011
Can people stop deleting the Trinity Killer from Dexter now?
09:00:04 PM May 7th 2011
edited by madhaxman
Only when people stop adding him. He does not fit. Are his crimes atrocious? Yes, but he is given a strong Fruedian Excuse, tries to kill himself out of guilt, is obvousily upset when he finds out about *SPOILERS* suicide, falls under Even Evil Has Standards (He despises the Dexters pride over hsi precision) and has his sympathetic moments.

He's a monster, yes. A dispicible character, yes, but not a Complete Monster
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