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11:38:40 PM Jul 3rd 2017
Leotards are included? I thought this was limited to shorts and skirts. How are leotards able to be included. Are they subverted examples?
09:37:43 PM Jul 14th 2017
edited by Miss_Desperado
I have the same question. It's clear enough that the lower part of the equation requires socks and/or boots of certain lengths, but what about the upper part of the equation? It isn't too clear whether this is a skirt-only trope or whether shorts or leotards can be substituted. How flexible is this trope?

This isn't just idle curiosity. I would like to know for the sake of a RWBY fanfic character I made who uses this trope tactically, in a similar function to an Open Shirt Taunt, as part of her Semblance-fueled Deliberate Injury Gambit. If this trope is for skirts only, I'll need to either remove a Zettai Ryouiki link or change a piece of her wardrobe and a small facet of her personality.
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