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05:49:44 PM Aug 7th 2017
There's no good reason why this trope has a Japanese name when it translates to "Absolute Territory" in English.
11:38:40 PM Jul 3rd 2017
Leotards are included? I thought this was limited to shorts and skirts. How are leotards able to be included. Are they subverted examples?
09:37:43 PM Jul 14th 2017
edited by Miss_Desperado
I have the same question. It's clear enough that the lower part of the equation requires socks and/or boots of certain lengths, but what about the upper part of the equation? It isn't too clear whether this is a skirt-only trope or whether shorts or leotards can be substituted. How flexible is this trope?

This isn't just idle curiosity. I would like to know for the sake of a RWBY fanfic character I made who uses this trope tactically, in a similar function to an Open Shirt Taunt, as part of her Semblance-fueled Deliberate Injury Gambit. If this trope is for skirts only, I'll need to either remove a Zettai Ryouiki link or change a piece of her wardrobe and a small facet of her personality.
01:35:32 PM Aug 7th 2017
edited by Kindle4Light
I took it as as long as the lower part of the clothing is short enough to expose the legs and the legwear is long enough to go over the knee, it counts.

In other word, as long as only the upper thighs are exposed, it's this trope.
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