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02:56:43 AM Aug 6th 2016
So what exactly sets The Anti-Nihilist apart from the All-Loving Hero?
07:23:31 AM Aug 6th 2016
edited by MagBas
The Anti-Nihilist is a nilhist that uses their nilhism as excuse to be nice. The All-Loving Hero is a heroic character that loves all.
07:41:31 AM Apr 20th 2014
Is it possible for there to be a negative version of an Anti-Nihilist? (Example: a psychopath who decides that the best way to give this world meaning is to kill, maim, and torture)

Is it possible for there to be a deconstruction of an Anti-Nihilist? (Example: someone tries to maintain reasons to stay positive in the face of life having no ultimate meaning, yet those reasons ultimately betray them and leave them with no reason to believe in the good of life.)
05:21:50 PM May 27th 2014
I believe the "negative" version is described in Straw Nihilist.
06:04:55 PM Sep 29th 2013
The Book of Ecclesiastes seems to fit this trope, in some places. However, the rule of cautious editting suggests it's not a good idea to add it, given that it's from The Bible which takes rather the opposite stance on the whole, and the 'anti-nihilist' interpretation is not one to be popular among Christians.

I'd say best to keep it off, but I thought I'd list it here if anyone else thinks it might be a good idea.
02:24:54 PM Dec 2nd 2012
edited by R.G.
So a Pollyanna and an Anti-Nihilist decide to be nice to folks . . . for different reasons.
05:28:36 PM Nov 17th 2012
edited by Ctrooper2011
I'm not sure that this would qualify as a "Knight of Faith". I just read this article and found out something: the Knight of Faith is really someone who both excepts the impossibility of something and the possibility of the same thing. Now this may sound like a Mind Screw mixed with a Logic Bomb, but if you read the article, you'll get what it says (and I think it might make an awesome idea for a hero).
11:24:56 PM Jul 14th 2012
I don't think it's all that wise to explain this as "more or less existentialism". Sure, existentialism also counts as a modern philosophical example, but not all anti-nihilists have to be typecast as existentialist-by-the-definition. Furthermore, I don't think anti-nihilists would be only different from more classic nihilists in only one feature.
08:33:43 AM Aug 21st 2012
I also think someone's trying to shoehorn in exi'ism. They were doing this on UsefulNotes.Existentialism too.
11:10:11 PM Jun 24th 2012
I'm debating with myself if this is actually an example or not. Some second opinions would be appreciated.

It's accurate, but it's controversial, and if it's not ''quite'' this trope in any way, the risk of controversy could be enough to put it on the "not, erm... 'notable'" side of the "add or don't? line. A more neutral (unbiased) or less neutral (un-cold) phrasing might be in order if it is determined to be worth mentioning.
02:23:49 PM Oct 27th 2011
edited by aagarrrr
This isn't anti-nihilism. It's against Nietzsche's conclusions about nihilism, but since it still argues that life doesn't have an objective meaning, it is still an example of nihilism. Since the Nietzsche Wannabe page was rewrote to cover nihilism in general, it's a bit redundant. Nihilism nihilism nihilism.
04:26:47 AM Oct 30th 2011
But then that's existentialism, which is another topic Nietzsche wrote heavily on, Hence the redirect link. Many Existentialist also believe in no objective meaning, at least no "true" objective meaning.
07:31:33 AM Jan 15th 2012
Have to say it's a bit counter-intuitive to say that an anti-nihilist is a type of nihilist. But, whatever, the article itself makes sense.
06:40:55 PM Oct 2nd 2011
I know it's niche we are talking about. But isn't this pic JAFFAC ?
10:57:55 PM Oct 8th 2011
It's one of the founder's of existentialism it's hard too illustrate existentialism in an action. It'd say it be best to have one of it's creators as the picture.
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