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07:41:24 PM Oct 20th 2016
I'd have figured that there would be some mention of the restore point from Nintendo's Virtual Console. Didn't find any.
02:24:05 PM Sep 3rd 2015
The part about Codename Iceman says it'll erase your save after your opponent in the dice game calls you out on cheating. I'm just looking at the game code here, and I can't for the love of me find anything about erasing the save — it just puts you back in the previous screen and removes a key item from play.
11:11:59 AM Mar 5th 2014
"Turn-based strategy" and "turn-based tactics" are the same genre, right? Am I crazy?
12:22:57 PM Sep 22nd 2012
One thing i remembered when cheating/modding in Fallout is, like Wasteland is that its stored areas into seperate files.

For example: First savegame, got the Vault Dweller with 30 credits Deposits into a safe area, heh get it ;-) Moves to another area Saves game Backup that area's file Load savegame Move to deposit area, picks up 30 credits and moves away Saves again Rewrite the backup file containing the area with 30 credits Load game, with player character already carrying 30 credits on him/herself picks up 30 credits from deposit area and has 60

Rinse and repeat, for ANY ITEM Also can carry into a new fresh savegame

like 1 savegame got uberarmor and 1+ infinity plasma rifle, almost direct into "Vault13 Cave" Game crashes when loading player within a modified area, or atleast with me
07:08:12 AM Jul 25th 2012
Is there any way to remove the above spam?
07:13:41 AM Jul 25th 2012
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Under the "tools" menu on the main page, there's a "This page needs some moderator assistance with" box. That can be used for stuff related to discussion pages as well, so I've reported it. It should be gone at some point relatively soon now.

Edit: Well, that didn't take long; thanks to whichever mod took care of it!
08:06:01 AM Sep 5th 2010
Isn't save scumming when you backup save files outside of the game (using backup disks, or your operating system to create a duplicate file) rather than using the game's built-in saves? The article is unclear on this and lists many examples of people simply using the game's regular save system as a way to "cheat" by dying and restarting at their last save — but that's the whole point of having a save system. Save scumming is when you take advantage of copying software, or duplicate a saved game file, which is outside of the game designer's control.

The article does mention that it comes from rogue-likes, but that's the point: when the game is designed so that when you die you can't restart, only then does it make sense to call duplicate save files "save scumming." For many games (such as console RP Gs) they offer a "copy save game" function built in to the game, so it's not cheating or "scummy" behavior then.
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