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05:52:20 PM Sep 21st 2014
I saw two quotes on the page which goes against page guidelines. Please decide which one gets to stay:

"So many energy sources are described this way in the Trek universe, it must be its own category in the Federation database. Something like “Energy Sources—Unbeforeseen. (See: Misc.).”

Computer: Plasma levels at 110%.
Air Raid: 110? It goes that high?!
Jetfire: No, that's the point! It's about to blow!
07:10:09 PM Sep 21st 2014
There's a quote thread in the forums where you might find some help. =)
08:43:34 AM Jan 23rd 2011
When and why did this get changed from "Over Nine Thousand?" The new one does sound more proffessional, but it's not as much fun.
06:03:37 PM Feb 7th 2011
No idea, I too don't like it. I mean yeah the new one sounds ok, nothing wrong with's just not a catchy fun title-like the Over Nine Thousand Meme. I dunno...maybe it's because I'm a biased fan.
01:46:20 AM Mar 9th 2011
Probably because it has become dated, the downside of modern memes is that they've got a short shelf-life and lacks that through the ages quality of older 'memes'.
02:35:17 PM Jul 6th 2011
Actually I find the two names (the current Readings Are Off the Scale and previous Over Nine Thousand) convey two completely different feels. Over 9000 sounds like the exact number can be calculated, and has mearly been rounded so that the speaker may convey the magnitude of the number without listing its full value aloud, possibly because it is so large that they do not sure what the terminology for it would be even though it does exist. Off the scales however implies that it has in fact exceeded the limits of all available measurements and is truely incalculable. Thus, unless there is another trope which covers the former scenario, Over 9000 should perhaps be listed seperately as one order of magnatude below "off the scales" with includes numbers that use Buffy Speak like a million million (which is one trillion by the way) Note: the highest number this troper can correctly name is ninehundred-ninety-nine-nonillion ninehundred-ninety-nine-octillion ninehundred-ninety-nine-septillion ninehundred-ninety-nine-sextillion ninehundred-ninety-nine-quintillion ninehundred-ninety-nine-quadrillion ninehundred-ninety-nine-trillion ninehundred-ninety-nine-billion ninehundred-ninety-nine-million ninehundred-ninety-nine-thousand ninehundred-ninety-nine point nine-nine-nine repeated (999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999.999999999999999...) which can be taken off the scales by the addittion of "times ten to the nth power." Does this make sense to anyone else, or am I rambling?
05:45:50 AM Aug 20th 2011
I agree with Glixinator that it does convey a different feel of the trope, but one of the great things about TV Tropes before was the fun mixing of names. You could see something weird, wonder what it was and click through to the article page for a description. Readings Are Off the Scale looks exactly like what it says, no reason to click through at all unless you are looking for examples and definitely not as fun as Over Nine Thousand.
01:38:03 PM Sep 20th 2012
It seems to me that lately the non-anime watching tropers having being waging a war against all anime named tropes, that could POSSIBLY should up in non-anime material.
06:43:25 PM Sep 23rd 2014
edited by
But some literature-named tropes have been changed, too – most notably Supporting Lancer (formerly The Aragorn) and Tyrant Takes the Helm (Umbridge Takes the Helm). That makes tropes that AREN'T being changed (such as The Creon) stand out in a bad way. Is TV Tropes attempting to keep any of their tropes from becoming synonymous with their namers (and thus most popular examples), or are they just doing this to tropes associated with large fandoms (such as Dragonball, the Tolkien legendarium, and Harry Potter) – in other words, is the change for a good reason, or are "nerds" being targeted?
12:48:22 AM Sep 24th 2014
Can we please not do ill-supported and insulting speculation and inference?

Trope names are changed if someone brings them up in the Trope Repair Shop and can demonstrate that the name is bad. Some names don't get problems despite expectations to the contrary and thus stay, or just nobody noticed them yet.
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