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12:47:45 PM Jul 17th 2013
I certainly noticed this trope giving me a bit of a problem in one of my stories. The main cast has a different animal associated with them, and when they're overcome by the Sealed Abomination in a Hat (It Makes Sense in Context), they go into a kind of One-Winged Angel mode. Making a dog, cat (a la claws and fangs) or bird scary is easy enough, but the main character's theme is...bunnies. I considered giving her elements of less cute members of the 'rodent' family*, but really, other than the Hair-Raising Hare, how do you make a naturally shy, timid, herbivorous fluffy animal into Nightmare Fuel? It ties into What Measure Is a Non-Cute? (there are plenty of non-cute things about dogs (or wolves), cats and certain types of birds (attacking raptor birds and vultures, for instance), but...The Hero growing a giant pair of buck teeth would be more narm than scary.
06:24:51 PM Jul 17th 2013
Perhaps General Woundwort (the Big Bad of Watership Down) can provide some cues there.
04:46:12 PM Feb 11th 2012
Do Humanitarians count as a predator?
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