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01:01:30 AM Mar 2nd 2014
Is anyone else tired of seeing tropers use Precision F-Strike in reviews and YMMV pages? I see it pop up from time-to-time in reviews, and I see it all the time in pages like Crowning Moment of Awesome.

It's just so goofy. I know the troper is trying to seem badass (especially when they're describing their own experiences, like in Dethroning Moment of Suck, where it pops up all the time) or outraged, but in reality it makes them look like they're trying way too hard.
01:32:27 AM Mar 2nd 2014
They are all probably misuse anyhow. Also, this trope does not really belong on YMMV tabs.
01:33:22 AM Dec 16th 2012
This trope is being used for every usage of the word "fuck" or any other swear word around the wiki. It's becoming annoying.
02:50:33 PM Feb 7th 2013
I have to agree here. Not many people know what its meant to be for anymore. Hell, they attribute it to people who swear and drop F bombs all the fucking time and yet suddenly they say fuck in one sentence and it counts for this trope?

ummm...how? I think this trope needs a sorting.
08:34:43 PM Aug 11th 2013
Maybe the article should be deleted - or it should at least undergo a cleanup like what happened with Understatement. The misuse of the trope is enraging.
10:04:26 AM Oct 13th 2013
Cleanup sounds good.
03:52:54 PM Feb 11th 2012
Has anyone noticed that this trope applies to tvtropes.org?
06:27:55 PM Aug 15th 2011
Can we get a page quote that's an actual F-strike, maybe? I know that lots of tropers are The Dark Knight fans, but it's not a clear example of the trope.
09:09:53 AM Aug 16th 2011
edited by MrDeath
Eh? The Dark Knight isn't the page quote...

Edit: D'oh, didn't realize it had changed since you posted. Nevermind ^.^;
08:31:59 AM May 11th 2011
Someone went Bluenose on us and censored a bunch of profanities. Fast Eddie uncensored the first few, but we're going to need to work together if we want to ultimately teach that Bluenose a lesson.
08:33:14 AM May 11th 2011
edited by MrDeath
Fast Eddie still seems to have the page locked. I think that's what he's doing right now.

Edit: At least I thought he was. Apparently not.
08:24:54 AM Mar 7th 2011
Does anyone know what the idiomatic F Strikes for Japanese and Spanish are?
03:43:56 PM Nov 30th 2010
Can we remove the link to the repair shop discussion? It's old and solidly resolved.
04:22:18 PM Nov 15th 2010
Y'know, I've had an idea in my head regarding a picture to go with this trope:

Imagine one of those word clouds, with gray text against a black background. The words get bigger the closer to the center they are, and smaller near the edges. Nearly all of the text consists of mundane, boring, everyday words that nobody would blink at. But right the middle of the cloud, there's a single word that's colored bright red: FUCK.