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Tropers: Kirby Rider
I am Kirby Rider: there is this game I am making known as Starblox 2! Also, which musical instrument did the Potatoes favor? A Tuba! Get it? Tuba? Tuber?

My Kirby Game's Tropes

Super Abilities include:

The Pokécoms Tropes

Attention! This is Pokémon Fanon! The Comical Craze redefines funny!
  • Butt Monkey: Bisharp. He always gets the worst. For example, he took Reuniclus's "Kamehame Hadouken" (Actually a Focus Blast).
  • Five-Man Band: Using frequent characters:
  • Expy: A Majority of comics that are Expies happen to be towards Brawl in the Family.
  • Kame Hame Hadouken: Reuniclus's Focus Blast, which was used in the comic "Hadouken"note  and the comic "Bunkmates"note 
  • Oh, Crap: A Pignite after evolving in a battle with a Sigilyph. That's an inconvinient time to become a Fighting-type, correct?
  • Scissors Cuts Rock: Reuniclus trumped his weakness to Dark, using a focus blast on the comic's Butt Monkey, Bisharp.
  • Shout-Out: In the comic "Lilligant", Beeheeyem plucks Lilligant like a Pikmin. Another Beeheeyem-Pikmin situation was when Beeheeyem, with his psychic powers, fed a Petilil Sun Sap, which caused her to evolve into Lilligant.

My Family and Dopple Family Tropes

Tropes used in Elemental Blast

Tropes used in The Adventures of Starblox 2

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