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08:00:00 PM Jul 3rd 2017
Might it be a good idea to add some text about non-Fanservice Panty Shots? They're not uncommon in older Western Animation/Zany Cartoons and are often closer to (but not quite the same as) Comedic Underwear Exposure.

[I would happily add such text myself but the page is edit-locked]
11:23:42 PM Aug 19th 2015
edited by Chepicus
Is there a trope related to petticoats? Sometimes, there are shows, specially in animation, where the producers have not a single drop of intention in using this trope, but it still seems that they don't want to abuse in the use of Magic Skirts, because they know that gravity and wind exist, so they let those elements do their job, thus, skirts fly a bit, but they don't give panty shots, instead, they show women wearing petticoats.
01:21:22 AM Aug 20th 2015
You ought to ask the Trope Finder for this.
11:07:11 PM Jun 3rd 2015
Throughout this wiki, I have seen several examples of "panty shots" that involve bloomers instead of panties. Should we add a separate trope page for Bloomer Shots?
03:18:21 AM Jun 4th 2015
Is the difference important? My bet is "no".
01:40:04 PM Jun 23rd 2014
Would this trope fit at all with Dresses Gownsand Skirts? I mean they are kind of connected
10:28:33 AM Apr 15th 2014
Why is this a trope? Isn't the wiki supposed to be family-friendly? If it is, this doesn't fit in well, along with the rest of the Fanservice tropes.
11:37:17 AM Apr 15th 2014
Because "family friendly" here has a specific meaning (Family Friendly, as well as No Lewdness, No Prudishness) that this page doesn't violate.

Merely talking about sexual topics is not family-unfriendly.
07:35:22 PM Apr 14th 2013
"No examples please. This only defines the term."

Hmmm. I'm sure they could use a variation of that message that can explain the context of that example cutout.
12:50:52 PM Jun 30th 2013
My impression is that it has something to do with Google's standards for its ads.
09:31:31 AM Jul 1st 2013
That and the examples were getting downright creepy. I mean, not only listing stuff where it was clearly intended, but along the lines of, "If you pause it at exactly 2 minutes, 3.7 seconds into the episode, you can see seven pixels of grey that are probably her panties." and just generally being real obvious that some people were spending way too much time looking for it where it wasn't intended.
02:56:23 PM Sep 3rd 2013
I know this is an old(ish) discussion, but there are still some articles with Panty Shots exemples, like the Tales of Darksides Movie, including the EXACT time of the panty shot in question.

What can, or should be done?
05:16:49 PM Mar 26th 2014
Too creepy? Why not set some standards that you have to follow before adding examples? Why even have this page if we can't have examples?
11:09:47 PM Mar 26th 2014
Well, standards are sadly disobeyed rather frequently. Plus, part of the problem was that the list of panty shots gave a creepy vibe.

As for the second question ... the trope is still there.
12:26:14 PM Apr 2nd 2014
Irony: I came to the article hoping for exactly that — an overly precise note as to where a panty shot in a certain work occurs. Less creepy because I'd just made an argument with someone about what the lack of panty shots or shots focusing on boobs, butt, legs, or hips says about the work in question despite the costuming of certain characters (characters in fetishy outfits but without any of the stereotypical "male gaze objectification" shots), and I see an entry on that films page for panty shot that just says "Only if you're looking for it!"

I was actually banking on extreme creepy over-precision, and am disappoint. =/
02:39:56 AM Aug 11th 2014
Tropers from further back will recall the Troper Tales page was pretty over the top, so I wasn't surprised to arrive and find the examples gone.
01:36:31 PM Sep 27th 2014
  • sigh*

All I was saying was that the scar text seemed like it was hiding the full story of what the hell happened...
11:43:08 AM Jul 12th 2015
I understand why the majority of examples are banned, but couldn't some manner of examples be permitted, perhaps only permitted by request to prevent stuff like the former abuse? There are series where care is taken to include as many shots as possible, or even guarantee that panties are never hidden (like Strike Witches), series where one or two shots occur but the design of the scene is clearly meant to emphasize them (like in Light Novel/MM, where Magic Skirt dominates until the very end of the last episode, at which point the heroine pulls a drop kick that exposes every inch, and finally there are a few in which panty-shots are actually plot-relevant (such as Bitter Virgin, in which the exposure exposes a significant scar). If nothing else, it seems appropriate to mention works in which there's some significant reason or value given for the shot.
02:00:41 PM Aug 13th 2015
Agreed. There should be examples for this.
09:17:09 AM Dec 23rd 2012
Is anyone else creeped out by panty-shots? This troper can't shake off the feeling that panty-shots are more focused on the panties rather than what's under them, which is a little unsettling. I mean, it's one thing if the focus is on the girl in question and how she looks in her underwear. This troper thinks panty-shots are sleazier than an upskirt shot revealing that the girl in question actually isn't wearing panties.
11:01:22 AM Nov 10th 2012
edited by
12:39:05 PM Feb 20th 2012
  • Mystery Team: "Wait... we're not just taking off clothes?"
Needs Elaboration
09:52:11 PM Mar 17th 2012
edited by OriDoodle
never mind.
03:10:14 AM Jun 10th 2012
That's more of a naked people are funny example, then a panty shot
04:32:12 PM Sep 2nd 2011
does it count if the panties aren't visible due to censorship ?

If so, we've got one in Rogue Galaxy. The Player can see between Kisalas Legs While swimming. There's only a Black nothingness thought.
12:27:48 AM Sep 13th 2011
Don't think so. I thought there was something in YKKTW concern the kind of black holes you can have show up in games sometimes, but I'm not sure if I remembered that properly or nothing came of it. Seems like a substantive enough subject to me, but I am far too lazy to propose it.
02:18:38 PM Nov 21st 2010
Ok, ofcourse this is asked before, but I can't find the awnser to my question: Does this trope relate to EVERY panty shot ever or only the one who were merely there for a Fetish Fuel effect? You see, Miyazaki uses realistic pantyshots and not that damned Magic Skirt. And knowing him, he would never show it for ones jerk-off material. So is this only for the sexual part of it? Then I really need to delete the trope at a LOT of places.
08:50:55 AM Jul 12th 2012
I'm guessing there's a lot of panties being seen here. But yeah, I guess this would be called a Super Trope, or at least a broadly-defined term. It can be played as fanservice or squick, or neither depending on the situation.
04:53:44 PM Jul 10th 2010
edited by Nohbody
Sanity check: Would Freefall strip 1447 qualify for this trope? Given that the sight is only implied (instead of clearly visible to the audience) I'm not entirely sure.
10:42:33 AM Jul 11th 2010
If it's acknowledged and deliberate, I'd say it fits.

(man I feel so dirty judging all these examples...)
04:27:24 PM Jul 11th 2010
The lengths one has to go to as a troper, huh? *grin*
10:18:46 AM Jul 27th 2010
My personal rule is that if I don't see it, it doesn't count in my por—book.

But this article's featured picture tells it all: Implication is enough to count. So add away.
10:18:19 PM Sep 7th 2010
Maybe this article's featured picture is wrong though. Maybe we need a new one.
02:15:20 PM Jul 10th 2010
Sometimes, people scare me.

We should seriously clear this trope up, because many of these are not proper examples. Urgh.
02:45:48 PM Jul 10th 2010
Me after removing non-examples: [1]

Holy crap, man. (Now, it's possible that I was disturbed to the point of removing some actual examples, but geez.)
10:18:40 PM Jun 19th 2010
I'm a little peeved that the article's current image doesn't actually feature the trope in question (at least not from the viewer's view anyway). Can't we use an image of someone else who actually demonstrates the trope, like say Kaere from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei?
10:24:52 AM Jul 27th 2010
I suspect that at this point, Mahoraba's not going away anymore; it's become this article's definite picture, as much as it frustrates me to no end.

So instead of replacing it, can we put in an additional image that, y'know, actually demonstrates the trope in question? I mean, Unwanted Harem has an image of a harem...
06:49:55 PM Jun 14th 2010
edited by BigT
Johnny E: So, despite my primary reaction to much of this article being to run away very fast, I shall try to put wiki-professionalism ahead of my own mental health - isn't the difference between this and I See London that this version is eroticised to some degree? If not, what is the difference, but if so, an awful lot of the examples seem to be in the wrong place. On the other hand, thanks to Rule34 I'm not even sure The Same But Sexy is a feasible trope distinction.

Me: Not really. The sexualization is a difference, but how it is revealed is also important. This trope is incidental. Having someone drop their pants would not count here, but it would in I See London. Also, the other trope includes seeing parts of the panties that are not covering any naughty bits, like the top of boxers.

Furthermore, I See London is about humiliation. The person is usually embarrassed, or at least is assumed by others that they would be. A Panty Shot is usually not even revealed to the subject at all.
11:05:41 AM Jan 30th 2014
I believe that they should just have one example for each category.
02:05:33 PM Jun 6th 2015
i agree

08:51:53 AM Nov 10th 2015
Is there a reason why tropes such as "panty-fighter" have their own set of examples and panty-shot does not? I see no harm in listing examples for this trope.
09:00:04 AM Nov 10th 2015
... that's entirely unrelated. Panty Fighter is an entire genre, rather than listing specific examples of every time you can see a girl's panties in a work.
10:18:46 AM Nov 10th 2015
Then perhaps a list of works that contain Panty Shot? an individual listing would be chaotic and huge, yeah.
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